The professional car salesman on a commission only pay plan would not have it any other way. If you get a fixed car sales salary then you are missing out on the benefits of car sales compensation. That's new and used combined. Sliding Scale Car Salesperson Commission Percentage: When I talked amount the commission percentage above I used 30% as an example, but some dealers use the sliding scale in order to motivate their salespeople to sell more cars. Here at the Car Sales Professional Blog we get lots of visitors that want to know more about Car Sales Commission or how car salespeople get paid and how it works. Monthly Car Count Bonus: Sell 10 or 12 cars and get a $300 bonus, 15 cars sold get $600, sell 18 cars and get $900, sell 21 cars get $1200, sell 24 cars get $1500, sell 27 cars and get $1800. Some high line dealerships have a "pack" charge that is $ 1400 or more. Some of it has to do with how a car salesman is paid and how their pay plans work. To move along, another part of a used and new car sales commission that you can control is the sale of extras or add-ons that can earn you an incentive. There are different types of commission agreement templates you can use. At her commission rate of 25% of gross profit on each vehicle she sells, Linda expects to earn 310 for each car sold and 390 for each truck or SUV sold. I know the choice I made. Some of the visitors here are people considering a car sales career and some are Newbies or Green Peas. Suggestions on Commission Salespersons If your salesperson averages as much as $2,000 in commissions in the average 4-week period, your minimum wage payments will be covered for this period, assuming he/she works 200 hours or less during the period. The exact percentage varies from dealership to dealership, but it usually falls in the 20 to 25 percent range. I know several car salesmen that make well over $100,000 a year on these kinds of pay plans. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes and the discounts you receive will give you confidence on your next new car purchase. isn’t much of a closing question. A new car sales job can have some benefits such as manufacturer bonuses and spiffs, which can be a nice addition to their car salesman salary. A draw check is normally minimum wage at a 40-hour workweek no matter how long or hard a salesman worked for the week. But you have to ask your self would you rather make $40,000 a year and have the exact same paycheck every week or would you rather have your car sales commission check vary greatly from week to week and have a car salesperson income of $100,000 a year. 4148 Car Sales Consultant jobs and careers on totaljobs. Below are reviews from Car Max Sales Associates various locations. 278 used car sales associate jobs available. Linda is a sales associate at a large auto dealership. Let’s say the salesman only made $1,200 in total sales and commission; he would start the next sales month in the hole with a $300 draw on the books. If a car salesman stays in this category too long, the dealership’s management will send them packing. Most car salespeople make a 25-percent commission on gross profit minus a small "pack fee." There is no limit to what a car salesman can make on this kind of pay plan. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Getting a Response From Internet Car Shoppers, A Rant on Transparency in the Car Business. How ever there is also a charge that is called "Pack" or "the Pack" that is assessed to each car for the dealership's overhead. This example is known as a "Mini Deal" or "Mini" where the dealership decides to sell the car for a very low profit and there is nothing left for the car sales commission. Sell Certain Cars: Management may select certain cars that are aged and hard to sell, so when you sell any of those cars you a bonus of $50 to $150 extra above and beyond the standard commission. When car salesmen work on a commission only pay plan, the hard and fast rule is – if you don’t sell, you don’t get paid.  Only the most dedicated and strong survive and the weak eventually fall to the side. As you can see, there are many different ways to earn money as a car salesman. Saleswoman or Salesman of the Month: $100 to $400 (most cars sold). Would you like to purchase it today? Salary estimates are based on 272 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Commissioned Sales Associate employees. These individuals have normally been at one dealership for a very long time. A commission only pay plan may also fill the car dealer’s floor with “sharks,” these kind of salespeople will stick you in the back every chance they get. I get many emails that ask what does a car salesperson get paid because they want to know that before they learn how to become a car sales consultant. The bad thing about this pay structure is if you’re really good at selling cars you’re not going to make any more money than what you’ve agreed to. I have seen "Minis" pay anywhere between $50 to $200 to the salesman for selling a "Mini Deal". Bonuses are the extra incentive to reward the top sales people and the most successful car salesmen or women that are the top producers for the dealership that go beyond auto dealership sales commissions. This option will not last very long either, commonly just a few months. If they’re on a fixed salary they will be paid the same amount no matter what the sales conditions are. How much a car salesman can make depends on many factors. $60,000 – $120,000+ a year – These are your very seasoned professional car salesmen, highly trained, and take car sales very seriously. 1. 15 cars a month = $750 bonus Over the course of a month, you can figure that your deals can probably be classified in thirds. 17,267 Car Sales Associate jobs available on The next thing that a car salesman can sell are accessories for the car they just sold. Just some things I wanted to go over about my first couple months as a salesman. Now when you subtract the "Pack" of $500 you have a ($300) negative amount of "front end" profit. Find and apply today for the latest Car Sales Consultant jobs like Social Media Sales Assistant, Part Time Sales Assistant, Sales & Customer Service Associate and more. Ever wonder why you’re attacked by a swarm of car salesmen when you drive onto a dealer’s lot? They may have a poor attitude, scared to talk to customers, or does not follow directions very well. Filter by location to see Car Sales Associate salaries in your area. An entry-level Sales Consultant, Automobile/Cars with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of … In other words if you make a sale for $200 and your commission is 3%, your commission would be $200 * .03 = $6 the key factors in *any* sales scenario. Based on the May 2017 BLS salary information, the average pay of a car salesman (including any commission and bonuses) is $44,720 a year or $21.50 an hour. When I was a salesman at a Ford dealership, I sold a new conversion van that had been sitting on the lot for over a year. The national average salary for a Commissioned Sales Associate is $38,912 in United States. Plus there are many other automobile sales careers that have big earning potential. The total commission, bonuses and spiff money is calculated and then the draw amount is deducted from that amount. The national average salary for a Car Sales Associate is $52,546 in United States. The salesmen that go to work and apply themselves each and every day will find selling cars can be a rich and enjoyable career. There are two major pay plans in the retail car sales world, commission only and fixed/set salary. Let's take the example of the car above where the invoice cost is $18,000 and you sold the car for $18,200. This type of commission is called a “mini” or “mini-commission.” This amount can be anywhere from $50 to $250 and is very common when selling a new car.  This kind of commission comes in handy for the salesman when a dealer is trying to clear the lot of old inventory. Next on the list are car sales consultant bonuses which added to your car sales commission can make a big difference to your auto sales compensation and personal bottom line. Car dealers will sell a car for minimal, or “$0” profit sometimes to just get rid of the car.  If a dealer gives the salesman an okay to sell a car for “$0” profit (or a net loss) they will still receive a commission. This additional money comes in many different forms, some are always in effect and some are only available when management dictates. Anyway, I can you give me a little insight on what I should focus on and what I should expect to be taught in the first month? After a little success under their belt, individuals in this pay range will sometimes believe they’re “smarter” than they really are and start cutting corners in the sales process. Filter by location to see Commissioned Sales Associate salaries in your area. New sales associate / commission careers are added daily on I have seen auto dealership sales commissions that pay anywhere from 20% up to 40% commission which is solely up to the dealership management and … This part of the pay plan rewards car salesmen that perform well. Also, what is some basic knowledge I should come on board with? If a car salesman does not sell enough cars in a month on a commission only sales plan to meet the states guidelines on minimum wage. We’ll get you noticed. Sell 6 cars get 20% commission, sell 9 cars get 25%, sell 12 car get 30%, sell 15 cars get 35% and sell 18 or more and get 40%. Depending on the pay plan, some dealers will set the front end commission at a flat 25% no matter how many cars are sold. You’re better off with an opening qualifiying question relating to the person, need or time frame, ie. $25,000= Agreed upon sales price. They are still trying to figure out if car sales are right for them, and they have not committed themselves fully to this career. 25% commission on $1,750 is $437.50 payable to the salesman. Miscellaneous Bonuses: Car dealers can have any number of different bonuses that are used to motivate their salespeople. I personally love getting paid on commission because I can control my annual income rather than a job classification, contract or seniority (see the car sales job description and car sales tips). Good Luck!! Some dealerships do not make you pay back a draw towards your commission. (200 x $10.00 = $3,000) This allows a new salesperson to get some experience under their belt, learn the dealerships system, and not have to worry about making money to survive. I will start right of by telling you that almost every auto dealership car sales commissions and compensation pay plan that I know is slightly different than the next. I'm a fast learner but it would be nice to hear some more motivational words from you, since i partly credit landing this job to you. $0.00 – $20,000 a year – A car salesman within this category of pay is considered to be severely underperforming or just not trying to succeed. The front end profit is $2,000. To entice a car salesman to apply with a dealership they may up the draw to $2,000 or more. I have seen auto dealership sales commissions that pay anywhere from 20% up to 40% commission which is solely up to the dealership management and owners. Don’t sit around and gripe about it.  Go find a dealership that offers more opportunity for your talent. There is no question that your paycheck can vary greatly from week to week and be influenced by the time of year, weather, manufacturers specials or a whole list of other things. How much does a Commissioned Sales Associate make? Many dealerships have special bonuses and sales spiffs to help motivate salespeople to sell more cars. When this happens the car salesperson gets paid a "Mini" which is also different at every dealer. They set appointments, and follow up with their customers; they still rely on walk-in traffic, but not as a first choice of traffic. Regardless of how hard they work or don't work, they feel better when they know how much their paycheck will be every Friday, unlike the mythical car sales salary. It all starts with a salesman making contact with a customer by phone, Internet, or in person. This means if they do not sell a car, they do not get paid. These individuals are usually selling a car or doing something to sell a car while at the dealership with very little down time. However, if a salesman continues to collect a draw check or guarantee on a continual basis they will most likely get “boxed up” (fired). Again this amount will vary and is not a program at all dealers. You can clearly see how this sliding scale auto sales commission pay plan rewards the top sellers in a dealership. In my opinion there are three things that these salespeople all have in common, the “gift-of-gab,” they are a people-person, and they can absolutely handle objections. For a sunny Saturday in April, she estimates her car sales as follows: These little cash treats help keep the morale and competition flowing on a sales floor. The more experienced and talented the salesperson is, the more money they can make. This pack is different for every dealer and I have seen it go from $300 on a new car to $800 on a used car. Sounds like an easy choice for me. You’ll be lucky to make enough money to survive very long with this type of pay plan. While bonuses and commission structures vary by dealership, Edmunds reports that a minimum commission on a vehicle often ranges from $50 to $150. Previous sales commission a car salesman earns from the month before are normally paid around the 15th of the month. $35,000 – $60,000 a year – Salesmen that fall into this pay range usually have retail car sales experience and some natural sales skills. As an example: you sold the car for $20,000 and the invoice cost was $18,000. There are over 18,365 sales associate / commission careers waiting for you to apply! Some (not all) of the car makers require a salesperson to take some of their car sales training classes and become "certified" or some other term that will register them with the factory and when a new car is sold by that person the factory will pay them a bonus. Please feel free to subscribe, like, and comment! There are over 278 used car sales associate careers waiting for you to apply! Apply to Car Sales Executive, Sales Trainee, Sales Professional and more! Depending on the car dealership, a salesman can earn anywhere from 15% to 40% of the front end gross profit, after pack. Now your $1500 profit is used to determine your auto dealership sales commissions and compensation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The simplest sales commission structure is when you pay out a fixed commission rate on the total revenue generated by a salesperson. To answer the common question of what percent does an auto salesperson make on a car I will start off the commission of car salesmen and car saleswomen is based on a percentage of profit on the "front end" of the deal or car sold. Which means, if those bonuses had not been in place, I could have earned only $1694.85. Manufacturer Incentives as Car Salesman Compensation: There are several manufacturers that offer incentives the dealership salespeople that are paid directly to the salesperson. The good thing about this type of pay plan is you have security knowing you’re going to receive a certain amount of money every paycheck. If car sales is your career, learn everything you can about the “art” and whatever you do, never stop learning! The next step of figuring your car sales commission or how car salespeople get paid is determined by your dealership. These salesmen have turned down Management positions several times because they are comfortable where they’re at, and they know their skill in sales is providing them well financially.
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