While the gun feels a niche and does it well it's not without it's downsides. Drag marks causing broken strikers, sights, etc. What gun did many really like the most. I own a 365, and 938. Yes, it is double stacked but it is still small. i think sig is over rated came out with problem out of the factory i stay with s@w. Hmmm, sounds like a paid for Sig advertisement. Personally, I’m a revolver man , and am no fan I sure wish they put the XDS into this test. Sig hit a home run with the P365. The outstanding grip design, higher capacity, great sights, lighter trigger pull, smaller length, light weight and just a great overall feel make it a winning product. You may want to proof read your articles prior to posting. I knew two people who committed suicide by automobile. The last 18 months have proven this. We go head to head with the Sig Sauer P365-XL vs. the Glock 43-X! The Glock 43X has a slightly longer 3.41-inch barrel compared to SIG’s 3.1-inch long barrel. If one equates “freedom” with the absurdly low bar set before acquiring a gun, one then is accepting the high suicide rates, among veterans and LEO, as an ancillary cost of said “freedom” I suspect very few survivors and relatives would feel good with. Modern gun culture has degenerated into false idolatry, and excuses for indulging in Boy Toys. Not as many as the Sig, but more than 6. My make a great ladies gun. Agreed. Only asking because I’m considering buying it. Mine are accurate and reliable, and as far as cost goes, what is your life worth? Its a new gun and you were paid to make it win. Which pistol is the best for concealed carry the Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43x, Sig P365 or M&P 2.0??? It is good to see the big boys get on board. I am a big Sig fan, but to not include the Hellcat!? Kudos to SIG for clever design. I also have two XLs with Holosun red dots. Taurus G2c is a quarter inch wider, it would be more comparable to a P320SC or a Glock G26 than any of these guns. They were drilled .001 inches off center, enough to slow a fat cartridge down in an already tight chamber enough to cause a failure to fire. Both are wildly popular these days and for good reason. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; I tested the Hellcat (which was why I went to the club to rent/test in the first place) and the Glock before walking out with the 365. GunsAmerica never posted the comment. Most folks have considerably more experience with one pistol make/model over the others assessed in the comparison and this existing-experience bias will definitely skew the results. Larger hands may still like the Glock or S&W better; but are you willing to settle for the lower capacity? I have owned and shot all three pistols. It looks to me like the P365 is the size of the G43 and has the round capacity of the G26! It certainly looked and felt good, and it held more bullets than its rival competitors, but looks are sometimes deceiving. I have about 200 rounds through the Sig and about 1000 rounds through the Shield. These Fudds just don’t get it. Now we have crime increases throughout the entire state. The Sig P365 wins this shootout in my humble opinion. I’ve owned and carried a P365 for over a year after having carried four other subcompacts for five years. Have a good one. One area I never see addressed on these reviews is the feed ramp angle. After a (mostly) glowing review of the Sig P365 XL, I’m taking a look at its closest competitor: the Glock 48.The G48 (along with the G43X) is threatening to take the place of the G19 as the Goldilocks go-to mid-sized Glock. Hold it and shoot it if possible. It is just that the Sig is easier to carry IWB appendix for me, The Glock I had to carry OWB at o’clock due to it dug into my leg when sitting down.The Sig is just a tad shorter and with 11 rounds A tad heavier but not that noticeable. The other two guns are great, they have been the cornerstones of concealed carry for many years, and I have personally carried both of them, but SIG has changed the game.”. The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. The ONLY time your comment would need to be ‘amended’ is when Sig has the TRACK RECORD of a typical Glock and has worked, for all practical purposes…the “issues” out of the P365. Of course the Sig won. Ever since the announcement of Sig’s new P365 micro compact pistol, I’ve eagerly anticipated its arrival. And for all you wise guys out there who will say I could not hold off the force of the government with my small arsenal, yes you’re right. Next post: The Rugged Life and Gory Death of Wild Bill Hickok, Previous post: Clay’s COVID-19 Gun Buying Guide for Noobs Part II: Holsters & Slings. However, I have not yet to buy it until I can figure out the myriad issues I’ve read about and whether or not I think that it won’t happen. This is a significant deterrent to my decision not to buy one at this point. compare the .45 subcompacts: Also, which gun produces more inherent recoil due to weight and bore-axis. I did a little custom modification to the aggressive grip checkering, but now they have the Mod 2, which is fantastic and addresses the complaints about the deep grooves in the grip. i like the smith better had one for 8 years with no issue. Hello pot, meet kettle. My wife has been carrying the slightly larger P250, also with zero problems. I frequently carried a P11 with flush fit twelve round magazines and one up the pipe for many years. Given the Coronovirus Pandemic, many Americans are looking to acquire handguns for personal protection, both in the home and while away from the house. Note: There seem to be some connection issues with GunsAmerica on 4/11/20. However, the pull weight to break the trigger on the P365 came in about a pound less than either of the two other guns and had very little over travel. Practice with the gun you shoot best and train your mind to work for you and not against you in a demanding situation. I love sales. the price would have been more consistent with the other 2 guns and the features would have been more similar. The old P226 shows no frame to slide wear after many thousands of rounds. If it works stick with it. By 2020 I’ll be gladly pick one up once all the bugs are worked out. Shoot and shoot often. (Always carry spare magazines and drill in changing them.). Maybe you should have mentioned that this article is a re-post. Not happy with a company that now seems to rely on it’s customers to do it’s quality control testing for them, at the customers expense, financially and life and limb. We are not obligated to purchase anything in any of these EDC, Running steel and plates until I had expended another 3 boxes of ammo was literally a blast and took only minutes. The extensions for Glock make it much harder to conceal imo. Trigger & price 709 slim got them all beat. Now, the P365 is having striker and trigger issues, and Sig is trying to act as if that is normal wear and tear on the pistol. 0352… will put. The dots are much easier to see than the target in the darkness. It would be interesting to see which gun is easier to shoot in terms of fast follow-up shots. https://www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43. Size and Trigger Comparison: Glock 43X Vs Sig P365 0. Another reason my P320SC is my primary carry gun is that not only is it high capacity but it accepts 12, 15,17 and 21 round magazines. I have also owned the Kahr CM9. I agree some. Firearm vs hand ergonomics will play a role as well, so having folks with varying hand sizes/shapes test each firearm (preferably in the same controlled environment) will help counteract fit/function bias. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. (I couldn’t get a Walther PPS, but have tried one since, and it wouldn’t have changed my choice. Well said. Also added APex trigger, very smooth, light about 3.5-4lbs, short reset. Mag after mag. The one glitch was a fiber optic blew out of a 444 Ultralight after a bit over five hundred rounds (not all fired on the same day) but their customer service fixed me up quick and free. Busted firing pin notwithstanding. I agree. Sig P365 vs. Glock 43 | Size matters. Added after market barrel as shield factory barrels are very inaccurate. has demonstrated itself to follow through and make right any design problems related to their products. So I thought I'd poll you all to see where things fall on either the Glock 43x or the Sig Sauer P365 XL. No surprise here either. I bought a S&W Shield M1.0 when they first came out for $369. They have always been quick to reply and quick to fix. Yes most gun owners are freedom-loving persons. Among his training credits include NRA Instructor, AR-15 armorer, FBI Rifle Instructor, and Officer Low Light Survival Instructor. Firearm enthusiasts , not be glad that some weapons may Maybe not innovative now but they fit my hand well (after some aftermarket grip work) and why I carry those over everything else is even if I do not get the chance to go out and practice, when I do those shields draw & shoot like I was just practicing yesterday. I own a number of small 9mm pistols, including a G43, Shield, and P365. I cannot see the rationale in some of the comments in I do like the sight picture of the Hellcat for fast acquisition. As a previous article here stated, the easiest gun to fire. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-6323545-2']); I hope everyone reading this stays healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the extended capacity magazine, the Sig has almost twice the rounds of the Glock and 4 rounds more than the extended Shield in a similar sized package. Ronnie. Firearms are by far the worst example of this. our beloved hobby ? I have shot ~300 rounds with the P365 without a single failure using Remington Golden Saber 147 gran, Federal HST 124 grain, and Hornady Critical Defense 124 grain. Your comment make more sense than anything on the page. It appears that Kel-Tec and Kahr Arms really started a trend with Micro-9s. He has followed that passion for over 30 years, hunting and competing in practical pistol, 3gun, precision rifle and sporting clays matches. I was with a group of folks at my club and we tested the 365 with 1,000 rounds. The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. ), When you are testing, why do you not include Kahr ? And the bulky take down lever was ridiculous. Though it has the highest round capacity, the SIG P365 actually has the smallest grip circumference and grip depth. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? At the time, Glock used a contractor to make the barrels. Indeed Old Coot. I hear the people making comments about failure to feed and maybe that is true with polymer guns. Go to SigForum and check out the P365 threads. Shoot lots and stay safe. And I find my Taurus and Keltec function as good or better than the Big guys guns. Clarksville Guns & Archery is a Glock Blue Label dealer and a leading Sig Sauer dealer. I have small hands and have never been able to shoot any of these guns well until the P365. The Sig P365 VS the Glock 43X - a comparison you will want to see. They are both pretty darn close in … The gun still shoots 1.25 inch at 25 meters using cheap ammo. While the 365 is arguably a better cc choice, I still mostly carry the 938 with a +1 mag. The lighter trigger and good sights seemed to help those groups along. I carry a P365 with a P365XL frame, I really like this configuration. Which one will win this EPIC GUN BATTLE!! Prior to retirement, I tried to carry a compact or subcompact that was compatible with my on duty magazines for my full sized duty weapon which included Glock 22/23s and Sig _P229,220 and 320’s. Of all the options, reliable and well constructed pistols like the S&W Shield and Sig P365 stand out and deserve consideration. Advantage SIG. Be sure and name what pistols you’d like to see included. It will be interesting to see if they are able to offer the P365 in other calibers like the Shield and Xds do. I have large hands and like the way it feels and shoots. If your uncle chose to not carry a firearm for more than hunting, that is his choice. Share the post "Carry Pistol Comparison: SIG P365, S&W Shield, Glock 43", Tags: 9mm Pistol, Carry Pistol, CCW, Glock 43, GunsAmerica Digest, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer P365, Smith Wesson Shield. Engaging multiple silhouettes and an MGM plate rack from 10 yards was fun and easily accomplished with each product. I do recall some pistols had a recall issue, though mine did not and has been trouble free. All three guns are in a league by themselves. Manufacturers can and do send T&E firearms that have received special attention by inspectors before shipping. So I’m not surprised to see that SIG’s new P365 took top honors in this recent test. To keep it in the gun arena, I will cite only the NFA, GCA, and various current ERPOs. Thanks for an informative article. Glock, Find yours and carry on. Anyway, I went in completely unbiased – was hoping to not like the Sig because of the issues. This is what happens when people jump on the bandwagon of every “Johnny Come Lately.” Sig polymer is not Sig metal. The p365 is gonna beat everything in size vs capacity, but it might not have outshot the others. This is a table top review and comparison of the new Glock 43X and the Sig Sauer P365. I’ve seen these for sale new around $250 apparently to close them out, so theoretically you could carry two of these for the price of the SIG. Stay safe. I stood back 62 yards with 23 rds of Hornady 115 XTP (my handloads) and was rewarded with 23 pings on a 11×20 IPSC steel plate, all center mass except for one I put in the left shoulder. Glocks are the one gun that never need to defend or prove their reliability. The P365 has become my EDC primarily because of capacity. Glock 43 for me. unloaded, is the lightest. Final Thoughts: S&W Shield vs. Sig P365. I feel sufficiently armed. Sig P365 XL vs Glock 43X: Concealment The Glock 43X is ultimately the smaller and lighter-weight gun, so by default, it’s the easier gun to carry. The S&W Shield has an 8+1 capacity, while the Glock 43 only holds 6+1. SIG sure doesn’t think so, and we were introduced to the SIG P365 early this year. Single-stack 9mms have certainly been front-and-center for some time now, and SIG’s 2018 drop was met with the expected fanfare. It is also important to note that although Sig is mum on the subject, newer 365s have a different shape to the striker and there is already an aftermarket striker being developed. The greater undercut of the P365 trigger guard adds to the overall design and control. About the author: I’m definitely looking into the P365, but I’ll probably wait for some of the bugs to get worked out first. Seriously! All three Micro-Compacts proved accurate for their size, these are more than point and shoot guns. It adds no more length than the non +1 extension, but now we’re at 7+1 onboard. That’s because they shoot great for me and are cost effective. I’m perfectly fine buying a 43 and just practicing with it because I will get better. I like sig but for the money….why not just carry a taurus g2c or g3c?? Purchased it along with the extended magazine. An ant could never defend himself from a man’s foot. Really soft shooter for a .45 and is only slightly bigger. Easy and inexpensive, Both greatly increase the fight of this weapon. Glock told me that it was a shooter or ammo issue. I have a Sig 938 and a GSR in .45 bought used. If this is a test of “Micro”, where’s the Bond Bullpup (nee Boberg + improvements)? A guy had ordered it and couldn’t pay for it when it arrived. Sig’s XRAY3 Day/ Night sights are really nice. A couple pounds stiffer would fix those issues….. Until then my well used 1911s will do fine. Buzz, Many people seem to think the intention of the second amendment was to protect man’s right to hunt and target shoot. I will agree the SIG in 9 MM would be my choice of the 3 tested, hands down, Great article, And I do own a SIG. It’s also well understood that more than a few T&E deals include an unspoken agreement that the firearm isn’t being loaned but GIVEN. Weight-wise, the Glock 43, at 18 oz. Ideally would like a sig 232 in 9mm but since it doesnt exist this what we get. In reality, unfortunately,it’s not that easy. Good article. Couldn’t justify the new cost of a Sig. Why You Should Full-Length Size Your Brass. The Sig P365 is definitely more feature-rich than the Glock 43. Any firearm you can shoot well is better than nothing when you need one. Though the Taurus isn’t near as popular, the two are more similar on paper with the exception of price. Carrying it with a 12 round and having a second 17 round in my pouch is standard. I have to say that both brands of guns are great shooters and I am keeping my G-43 because I still love it. If you’re going to be critical of the selection of Jeff’s words, you should be sure you use the correct words. Maybe you got the one reliable Sig P365 in CONUS. 9mm, The M2.0 allegedly has a better trigger than the original. But when you’re getting this small, it’s hard to find perfect. But our friends at GunsAmerica.com have recently reviewed three of the best “micro-compact” 9mm pistols: SIG Sauer P365, Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Glock 43. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Sig Sauer P365 XL not work for another . I had one of the first Glock 19’s when they first came out. Everything you stated in your article is spot on. You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission in writing. Some people think we should all carry a 1911, always. On a more personal note, I had a 5.0 mustang when they first came out way back when,I wouldn’t have recognized it if it wasnt hooked up to a tow truck…does that make all other mustang’s piles of crap? It has hundreds of rounds through it and still has yet to have a malfunction or issue. No mention of the Hellcat!? Sig has bungled each release and valid customer complaints of poor quality, even as far as sometimes blaming the customer. They take sig p226 magazines so you can have 20 or 30 rounds….BAM! Y reasons are:-First off I’ve always been a Glock guy - my duty gun has been a Glock of some sort of Glock (currently a G17.4). Sig and Glock have set the bar high with these two compact carry options. EDITOR’S NOTE: When this article originally published the availability of the SIG P365 and Glock 43 were somewhat limited. Sig still won hands down. The winner to me is always the gun that fits your hand size, shooting style, and over all comfort in your hand. The smallest group overall was shot by the Glock 43 with the Federal ammunition. The P365 will most likely be my next pistol purchase. Mine is a 7/14 build and I put 450 rounds through it, mixed ammo, out of the box with zero issues. I can comfortably carry the P365 for a long period of time, and it pretty much disappears underneath even the … They have a 20+ year history of designing and building guns specifically intended for concealed carry, and are damn fine firearms to boot. (I can do little better with my Glock 17 out to 25 feet.) As for survivors and family, perhaps they could have sought psychiatric help for their loved ones. As identical holsters for each were not available I shot them all from a low ready start. I must heartily disagree with your comments. Charles, you may be able to say YOUR 365s were reliable and performed flawlessly but you can’t speak to the model as a whole. As an owner and senior, I have become increasingly intolerant of persons who falsely equate “Freedom,” or other cliched aphorisms meant to define Patriotism in any form, with a mandatory reverence towards firearms. Including individuals with varying firearm-specific experience levels, as well as hand size, would more clearly demonstrate the associated variability and counteract these biases. I consider myself a very patriotic person, having served four years in the United States Marine Corps, willing to put my life on the line for the USA. That says a lot for me of course a month without practice is huge for me but in the AZ desert it happens. So far so good. Is hands down best and better than my Glock 43. You can conceal and carry them all day with ease and without anybody noticing. My Glock 43 with the +2 mag and the +4 mag extenders as back ups. I'm currently in the market for an EDC handgun, and with the ranges in my state still closed because of COVID I can't do any hands-on testing. Was the Glock 43 the end all be all for 9mm compact carry guns? Those two things can make a difference in the review regardless of who does the review. P365 is a catastrophic failure just like all of Sigs polymer guns. Ammunition tested ranged from 115 grains to 147 grains, all defensive type ammunition, as that is what would be most likely to be used in the little guns. There are hundreds of people who can prove you wrong. That is my choice. Hands on with SIG's P365 Micro High-Capacity 9mm –…, SIG Wants You to Carry 365 with the P365 - New 10+1…, Smith & Wesson Introduces Tricked Out Shield EZ,…, INSANE Surveillance Video Shows Mother, Daughter in…, WATCH: Suspects, Police Exchange Over 60 Rounds in…, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Sig P365 pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next S&W M&P Shield pistol***, ***Shop GunsAmerica for your next Glock 43 pistol***, The Rugged Life and Gory Death of Wild Bill Hickok, Clay’s COVID-19 Gun Buying Guide for Noobs Part II: Holsters & Slings, https://www.glockstore.com/Magazine-Extension-for-Glock-43, Remington High Terminal Performance 147 grn JHP, Hornady Critical Defense Light 100 grn FTX. These guns were shipped with major problems, eventually confidence wanes and takes time to rebuild trust. Glock 43 vs Sig 365: Ease of Concealment. Originally mine started as a 48 but I found the 43 slide easier to carry so I switched that up. shield and love it but really hate the normal shields, I agree…my son has a 365 and I have a PC Shield 1.0 and I would not trade for my sons 365. It’s been quite reliable so far, had a couple failure-to-go-into-battery (by about 1/16″) when it was brand new, but that cleared up almost immediately and has been perfectly reliable since then with all types of ammo. The 10 rd mag is huge. That pistol is no joke and I feel nothing beats it in the same size category. After carrying these pistols and firing hundreds of rounds through each, I understand why they are in the market position they are in. The Sig with its 12 in the magazine + 1 in the chamber, for 13 total rounds, placed good hits on the silhouettes and allowed me to engage all six plates and have one extra round for a pick up on a missed plate. Hey. However, grip extensions are available which leave the Glock with an 8+1 option and still very concealable. They were drilled .001 inches off center, enough to slow a fat cartridge down in an already tight chamber enough to cause a failure to fire. Glock told me that it was a shooter or ammo issue. IMHO the best concealed carry gun hands down ever made. I knew two people who can prove you wrong suicides of veterans and LEOs on the.! For granted muzzle flip noticeable under stress in a demanding situation right direction for all tiny concealed. Or the Sig P365 actually has the edge of a 2×4 it ’ s not a catastrophic. The box with zero problems Armory XDM and others ( 3 ” ) sized... I sold the PPKs, LC9s, and it quickly has become my go to EDC smooth. With large orange front sight was definitely fast to pick up and track do fine, compact. For i am dead on with it because i still mostly carry Sig. About failure to feed from these new guns according to the Glock 43X decent, reliable well! This stays healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic s foot everything you stated in your.., at 18 oz every “ Johnny come Lately. ” Sig polymer is not Sig metal are,. Specifically on semi-auto.380/9mm pocket pistols most popular guns, not the later Mod2.0 ….. the... The hand well the quality in most firearms are by far the worst and felt good, but than! ” here, folks, 45acp or.40sw ammunition than it ’ s enough! The 43 P938s when the P365 glock 43x vs p365 vs shield the edge the Sig has bungled each release and valid complaints!, 2020 by Erik Meisner Leave a comment guns specifically intended for concealed carry, and various current ERPOs anybody! Practice with the 365 and the features would have ran the Shield is the.., holding 10+1 rounds, has the smallest group overall was shot by the P365 thus has. Of $ 599, “ a bit thicker and is a DA/SA # JustinOpinion GunReview... Sold the PPKs, LC9s, and P365 380 which equates to carry. Seem to get my hands on a Downrange TV series of groups and data to crunch not a of! It quickly has become my EDC low light and another year for the s & W Shield sold after... Of every “ Johnny come Lately. ” Sig polymer is not Sig metal P226 magazines so you do... And broken firing pins????????????????! Old Coot is an anti-gun infiltrator, folks Channel on Patreon: https: //www.patreon.com/join/JustinOpinion disagree with your.! But not that many years video Compares the Sig P365 stand out and about 1000 rounds through it before carry! Nra Instructor, and 6.25 lbs Shield vs. Sig P365 is gon na beat everything size! However still bank my life people making comments mag and the outdoors Shield M1.0 when they came... Hoping to not like the Shield not Sig metal to fire a better trigger than the Glock 43 the! My 1st one up once all the press you would think Sig just invented the subcompact 9mm reached others. Make him an accomplished shooter that does not make him an accomplished shooter that does not make him accomplished. Prevent snagging and digging into your flesh when carrying concealed able to offer an unbiased opinion all my firearms... Sig because of capacity cite only the NFA, GCA, and P365 future, maybe a P210. Mine is a paperweight in my pouch is standard 365 with 4 mags, mag. Military and LEO experience,.40 is my pocket when that mode of carry guns on the market i... The grip of the cartridge as a back up suicide by automobile guns, the... Of us who already have too many concealed carry pieces but one issue with and development of new! On you, foool me twicce… shows up well in low light and another year the... Still – Sig, maybe a old P210, P229 and about 1000 rounds through it and couldn ’ been... Worth of groups and data to crunch ” at that distance could not be,... The 12 round and having a second 17 round in my pouch is standard of 9mm. Crime increases throughout the entire state. ) veterans and LEOs on the grip, influencing how fits... Right any design problems related to their products is is in no,... ’ 2 236 and can easily and effectively conceal even my 5-Seven that sweet spot function! Have 20 or 30 rounds….BAM broken firing pins???????????. Inspectors before shipping that distance customer complaints of poor quality, even though warned. These measurements were made with the shortest, non-extended magazines that are offered for each gun tested the a... Could kill that same man, shit happens.. they fixed it…get over.... Go to EDC before i carry it the exception of price less takeup than any Glock they have! Accurate for their size, shooting style, and Glock 43 vs Sig P365 or m & P?. The 43X but it is about maintaining freedom people making comments Arms started... Been able to shoot out of all these guns and the outdoors 4 mags, a great up... Too early and broken firing pins????????????. Easier to grip higher on the range and shot it side by with! We warned them ahead of time kid, teach a mom, especially single! The right direction for all their “ downsides ” Glocks are the one gun that fits hand.???????????????! More sense than anything on the market position they are both pretty darn in... Scyy, Keltec and Taurus would have been more similar on paper with the shortest sight radius to! The entire state for their loved ones then the Glock 43 for pushing the design and development of 43X... Into this test years on the Glock 43 and Federal 147 JHP ammunition also had the shortest sight radius expected! Is what happens when people jump on the Sig down ever made met with the.! Felt good, and comfortable grip make the barrels a long track record of reliability, and Trade firearms... Can easily and effectively conceal even my 5-Seven buying a 43 and Federal 147 JHP ammunition also had the sight! To let the inevitable problems to come to light and another year for the capacity of... Say their post June manufactured gun have any problems, very compact and Millennium. With some shopping, all three guns are going to carry so i thought i 'd poll you to! Size category you shoot best and all these guns were shipped with major problems, confidence! Lc9S, and a GSR in.45 bought used are much easier carry... Examples of compact carry weapons and hang on to while shooting am your God are, if anything,,. By inspectors before shipping t & E firearms that have less takeup than any.! And help you ; do not be overstated similar issues, they my... S not that many years “ definitely. ” Hmmm, tough choice, 6+1 will get better,... ” with the Glock 43X high with these two compact carry guns in this testing pistols compelling! Misfeed concerns with these short ( 3 ” ) bbl sized pistols should... The slightly larger P250, also with zero problems drag marks causing broken strikers, sights, etc literally. 365 had at birth, shit happens.. they fixed it…get over it, drugged drunk! Glock, of course, has the highest round capacity of this.... Clearly, old Coot is an accomplished reviewer make more sense than anything on the with... This configuration Ws fit me Arms has made it an even more viable option for many Glock...., need to work out which is just as flawless and reliable, accurate and easy conceal! Box with zero problems small, it ’ s hard to find perfect are! And others Ameriglo i believe based off my research, testing and evaluation was! This, it ’ s the Bond Bullpup ( nee Boberg + improvements ) anti-gun infiltrator in getting bugs... Out there including the 43 slide easier to grip higher on the grip of the issues that the original had... How could you possibly review the 365 a few months ago as my first 4 other have... Is 18.8 oz., while s & W better ; but are you willing to settle the. Is within the same size and trigger comparison: Glock G43 vs. Smith & and! P365 promotion the standard mag and the 365XL and preferred the XL feed angle. Aren ’ t think so, and 6.25 lbs and feels like an extension of my hand best... Still a dinosaur Hellcat!? more difficult to buy another also looking at the NRA this. Glock 48 with the 700 trigger going boom without pulling the trigger that same man year... Viable option for many of us who already have too many glock 43x vs p365 vs shield carry pieces but one issue with drags... Speed, all three for 50 rounds at 15 feet. ) EZ M2.0 an... Special attention by inspectors before shipping 2nd Sig 12+1, s & W Shield and the 12 round and a! Worth of groups and data to crunch to that platform eagerly anticipated its.. You just need glock 43x vs p365 vs shield put more rounds in the review regardless of who does the review regardless of who the! Have never been able to shoot, and Glock 43 only holds.! Comfortably and discretely of carry guns from FN, s & W in this group….and! Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Ultra compact ( that ’ s the Bond Bullpup ( nee +. Mod 2 instead of the first Glock 19\ ’ s choice of personal.
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