When I finally acquiesced and took that man’s seat on the bus that day, he put both hands on my belly and rubbed it as we switched places. Unfortunately it is impossible to provide a specific diagnosis through this forum, but if you’d like to book an appointment at Mayo Clinic here’s how http://www.mayoclinic.org/appointments. Can I ask if you have noticed an increase sensitivy in your breast and or nipples? This stranger felt as if he were responsible for the well-being of my nonexistent fetus and took it upon himself to scold me in front of the rest of the bus, providing unsolicited and inaccurate advice. They say that poly cystic ovarian syndrome causes such or anything to do with metabolic syndrome (which is the root for poly c. ). You sit down right here,” gesturing toward my belly. I see you feel like you can not schedule an OB appointment but please know that your life is far more valuable and I am sure your parents would appreciate your trust. It's almost hypnotic. I was just posting a thought provoking question and post, to see what everyone thought about the pregnant doll (young or not), and if she was young – their thoughts. It’s possible that a person who appears to be pregnant may have an unwelcome medical condition that she doesn’t wish to discuss. The only way to be sure is to have an adominal ultrasound. There isn’t enough pregnancy … Answer (1 of 15): I'm not sure! If you're eating the recommended calories during pregnancy and you're not gaining weight fast enough, you need to eat more. If you have amenorrhea and you have had unprotected sex, or have been trying to get pregnant then you first need to find out if you are pregnant. I read you problem but first you should point out your age and whether your abdomen was always like this and if not when it started to be like this. I am bigger than ever right now. Now 2 years later I am 18, in college, and no longer on any meds. But I’m just glad it’s figured out and we have steps to move forward. I hope my answer will work. At Mayo Connect we care. I have a similar situation and I found out I have uterine fibroid and uterine cyst. The ugly strech marks you pointed can be due to an excessive abdominal fat. A pregnancy test may be negative if: You tested too early. I'm normally size eight, and it's devastating to go through such a drastic change." Yes, you can have ovarian cysts that are so big they make you look pregnant. Hi there! Talk with your parents or another trusted adult about your health problems so that you get some medical attention. I hope she’s having better luck with them than I did. I use warn castor oil pack on my belly, which helped to reduce the cyst . I’m so happy to know there is a name for this. Pregnancy holds a special place in the culture: There are few other circumstances in which someone could glance at a stranger’s body, make assumptions and feel entitled to touch her or offer unsolicited advice. But I have a huge problem,...". Do you have any pain? I've been on the pill for almost a year. And I don’t know the reason why I’m upset I just cry all the time. The doctor I saw was not helpful and … Anyways I can give you certain information about the uterine fibroid. It sounds as if you are frightened by these problems and that is understandable. Full story: I'm NOT pregnant! I’ve been worried lately because my belly looked like I’m 4 or 5 months pregnant. Once during a crowded subway ride, an elderly woman looked at me knowingly and said: “Here you go, honey. Nicole Shorland, 32, a banker from London, kept gaining weight but put it down to being careless with her diet. Fascination with pregnancy and pregnant women’s bodies is not surprising. Pick a time to tell your family (best to wait until you’re a few weeks along), and put together a plan for how to go about it. I have been having problems with my stomach for quite a while now. I did 2 hpt, both negative, and a blood test, also negative. It is common in obese women, frequent in the middle and later reproductive years,can cause heavy and painful menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, urinary frequency and urgency. to all in september i started noticing my stomach starting to swell up people thought i was pregnant my boyfriend even thinks i’m pregnant i went to the hospital to find out if i was pregnant which im not i just feel like something is wrong i keep having to pass gas and at times my stomach hurts i had a menstrual on october23 for 3 days but my menstrual looked different to me it was very very light and the color looked to dark then i had another menstrual on november 6th.which was very very heavy and i had the mentrual for more than 5 days i’m scared because i never experienced a mentrual cycle like that i need help in 2004 after my son was born i had a tubal ligation surgery i had my tubes burned and clipped i do not know if i’m pregnant in my tube or not my pregnancy results came back negative so what can be the problem i just know my stomach has never been swollen before until september up until now people still ask me all the time if im pregnant and i’m embarrassed and scared PLEASE!! ? I have been exersising and stopped eating a lot of the junk food that I used to. There is also a connection between the unsolicited advice given to pregnant (or potentially pregnant) women, and the way society views women who are not the ideal Size 6. I’m not a very religious person but I know for sure there’s something in the universe looking over us. A woman may not realize that though she is actively trying for a baby, she is in that in-between phase of it being too early to find out she is pregnant, and too soon for the results to show on a pregnancy test. A big belly from fluid trapped like in one post is often from liver problem and can be very serious. Still nothing. I'm 18 and I've had no kids I can't wear clothes I want ,I can't wear tight clothing or any dresses coz I look pregnant and I feel so uncountable. I have the same issues. But i eat 2-3 apples per day. Every bump this bus goes over can jostle and hurt your unborn baby.”, I was not, nor have I ever been, pregnant. If high could be splenomegaly. If you can’t see an OB what about your family doctor? Your doctor or a nutritionist can help create a meal plan for you. even though i know its completley impossible. Regards. Liked by Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor, Dawn, Volunteer Mentor, foreverhaefish. Being constantly bloated can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. I feel like I’m doing it all wrong even tho I’m not I try and do everything right. But really, a woman of your size shouldn’t be wearing those high-waisted dresses. During the first trimester of pregnancy, fatigue is a common side effect due to the body's … Page 1 of 2 - I eat 400 calories and look pregnant. to all in september i started noticing my stomach starting to...", "Hi, I am still a teenager. - posted in Anorexia Discussions: This cant be normal. I have pain most days and have severe cramps and vaginal muscle cramps/contractions during my period. Even, in my case, when a woman is not actually pregnant. But like, telling a very obviously 8month along pregnant woman that she doesn't look pregnant is not a compliment in any way lol. But if someone declines the offer to take your seat on the bus, move on and let it go. I'm Not Pregnant. honey. Very rapidly. My stomach is always round and bloated ,as if i am pregnant. But I have a huge problem, my stomach is so big and hard (people think Im pregnant because im too skinny) my last menstrual period as far as i can remember is July 2016. Hello, my name is Ashlie. But its really worrying me, and my friend asked me a few months ago if i was pregnant? As a bioethicist specializing in reproduction and sexual health, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about various aspects of pregnancy, including trying to figure out why this attitude toward pregnant women is so prevalent. Perhaps they think that if we don’t have enough self-control to eat properly, it gives them the right (maybe even the obligation) to advise us on how to better ourselves. I was standing up on the BX12, holding on to a pole and texting a friend. I dont think a uterine fibroid can be as big as to cause abdomen to be like a pregnant form. The only way to be sure is to have an adominal ultrasound. The earliest method of diagnosing a pregnancy is with a pregnancy test, either in your urine or blood. A few weeks later, I attended a clothing swap and got rid of three comfortable cotton empire-waist dresses. Have you been to see a doctor? Hello!! But that does not provide people with an open invitation to involve themselves in the process. I think i might have a uterine fibroid or cyst,something that is making my stomach big. Same as you. I would suggest you to consult a gynecologist. However, excatly a year ago I had an abortion. When you say you were tested, did you go to the doctor, or was it a home test? I do have one child, but she’s school aged and I know I’m not pregnant. You definitely need to see a doctor regarding these symptoms. I have a tennis ball cyst on my left ovary and I can fell it when I tough my belly. CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE, Hi @Steph38 While infertility can have symptoms like irregular periods or severe menstrual cramps, the truth is that most causes of infertility are silent. In rare cases, some fibroids may interfere with pregnancy. If it was a home test, there are possible false negatives, and you need to see a doctor to be sure. Once it is discovered that we are not, in fact, pregnant, it does not necessarily stop people from telling us what to do or how to dress. Hi, you should do a pelvic ultra sound to find out what is causing those syntoms. I have done research and have come to some conclusions that could fit. My theory: Pregnancy happens inside women’s bodies, so it is very personal, but also mysterious, since (with the exception of a few ultrasounds) it is largely unseen. A simple “How are you feeling?” is a neutral option. Recently, the Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie revealed in an interview that she had had a baby but had kept her pregnancy quiet to avoid having to “perform” pregnancy. I am having the same problem. My periods are normal every month, I even make sure to have sex when I am ovulating. Omg I have Exacly the same symptoms I look 2-3 months pregnant and I've had this for a few years now and it's gradually getting bigger . have them do a blood test also, i suffered 23 years with that, to find my level were high and i have zollinger-ellison sydrome,,after sug i lost my big round belly and lost excessive wt cause my tuma’s…. Im 14, 5"6 or 5"7... and quite skinny. Feeling pregnant doesn’t mean you are, but a negative pregnancy test can be wrong. I look like I am 5 months prego. Now I look like Im about to birth triplets. I cant book an appointment with OB. I was just a well-fed woman in her 30s on her evening commute wearing an empire-waist dress. We speak from experience, love and concern. How can I loose some weight. Hello @foreverhaefish. My period is 12 days late. The weight makes me look like I’m pregnant. I’ve always been really slim and slender, no more than about 117 lbs. Again, even the appearance of pregnancy is enough for many people to think that a woman’s tummy is (literally) up for grabs. There are many possible reasons, including ovulation irregularities, structural problems in the reproductive system, low sperm count, or an underlying medical problem. The doctors said that since this was my first abortion that everything would be fine. If you did see a doctor, and you're not pregnant, you need to go back and find out what the actual problem could be. Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor. Identical and would really like an answer to this. I have always been small 140 to 150 lbs. edited 26 days ago. It is actually a new phenomenon. I'm learning to love my body in ALL its forms—not just when it looks lean and toned, because I know I don't look like that all day. But im pretty sure im not pregnant. I have a tennis ball cyst on my left ovary and I can fell it when I tough my belly. I put on 40 lbs. I do have a little trouble breathing. If anyone has anything similar or knows anything,i would really appreciate the feedback. If I'm not pregnant, whats happening to me? I’m not on hormones. By the time I processed what had happened, he got off the bus. I'm not in health care, but I have been trying to figure out weight gain in my daughter, so I've learned a bit along the way. Hi @foreverhaefish. Hi, I am still a teenager. But as a joke. It’s possible that a person who appears to be pregnant may have an unwelcome medical condition that she doesn’t wish to discuss. Yes, you can have ovarian cysts that are so big they make you look pregnant. But that is beside the point.). usually when I wake up my belly is flat and tone (the way i wish it looked all day), but about a month ago I just woke up and it looked like I was prego, it was so unusual, and I cant understand why. I knew something was wrong and it wasn’t something that the next OTC medication was going to fix. Do a pregnancy test. I also bleed a lot. It looks like you’re trying to trick people into thinking you’re pregnant.”. It was only some Indian sauce (tomatoes cream and spices, essentially), about a cup at most. “How are you?” a friend would ask, and I’d often say, “Well, I’m counting down the days ’til my abortion, but otherwise I’m fine!” I just don't understand why we feel this way. By all means, make accommodations for anyone — including pregnant people, the elderly or someone on crutches — who may look as if they could use a break. Ps: i usually last a day without drinking water. I had my period on 1/3/10 and then 1/13/10 I started bleeding again but it was very light pink and comes off and on til present. It is absolutely possible to show concern for a pregnant person while still being respectful and not insulting. There is also a … Don’t stress if you’re not gaining the advised weight. Before the age of the home internet I was very active even after having my 3 children and kept my back and posture in good shape with stretching and working out. In Europe, they used to be very open-minded about nudity and sexuality, but in … hey what u have is chronic gastritis , patients with this disorde usually have slow digestion and the stomach remains dilated for long time , and looks bulgy ,physians usually indicate medicine that allow quick emptying of stomach preventing this symptom .you shouls eat less in quantity and more in frequency, and donot take highy calorie enriched food,and u look a little overweight , try losing some weight, uterine fibroids usually give symptoms in lower abdomen.not at stomach level as uterus is anatomically in pelvis region below the umbilical region,.have a ultrasound to confirm. Keep it Quiet This is huge news—so give yourself some time to revel in your secret for a few days (or weeks). Certainly normal to be concerned and we are glad you reached out. In those few pregnant weeks, tits swollen and stomach queasy, my first impulse was to tell everyone what had been taking over my brain. Any thoughts? A white middle-aged man wearing pleated khakis and a blue oxford-cloth shirt sitting nearby turned to me and said loudly, “Please, ma’am, take my seat.”. I’m quite slim so when I’m having an episode my stomach protrudes and I know I look about four months pregnant. He persisted: “Please, ma’am, you really shouldn’t be standing up. As for your friends…it’s common practice to wait until week 12, when the risk of miscarriage dips dramatically. Usually I only look 5 months pregnant, but when I got in the apartment, my roomie's jaw just dropped. I almost felt obligated to tell the woman who took them that they’re not only great in the summer heat, but they may also result in comments from strangers on public transit concerned with a hypothetical fetus. I know most people have flatter stomachs even those who don’t eat as well as me. A little background, I am on the implanon which I know causes no estrogen coming into my body. I also have ugly stretchmarks even though i have never been pregnant and am not pregnant,but at times it looks like it. Fatigue. Concern and comments regarding a woman’s decisions surrounding motherhood are probably coming from a good place; few people actually endeavor to be patronizing. It's Just My Belly As we continue to integrate in a world that so often tells us how to feel, how to look, and has a very precise definition of beauty, it is so important for each one of us to check in and see if we agree with these standards. It sounds obvious, but it's worth repeating. But if I just let my stomach relax, it seriously looks like I'm pregnant (I'm not). When you see something that’s not really there, it can be scary, but there’s usually a clear reason for it. I like salty and sweet foods, coffee and softdrinks. Another symptoms > decreased appetite, increased sleeping schedule, always tired, headache. Not getting your menstrual period, not bleeding, is called amenorrhea. I’m working at getting an appointment to have it removed as it’s been in now for over 3 years. Why are you not getting pregnant? Also I'm going to the restroom about 4 times an hour. Yet an hour later I look like this...and before I ate my stomach was flat. Follow-up comments are unnecessary. “Thank you so much, but I’m actually not pregnant,” I responded, feeling my already sweaty face turning a brighter shade of red. I'm not certain about weight gain, but a pregnant looking belly can be from uterine fibroids. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Just keep in mind we are not doctors. I have cramps, tender breasts, sore back, diarrhea, bloated. My figure doesn't really look bad... but mostly b/c I've learned to hold my stomach in pretty well. Why am I not getting pregnant? The pregnancy performance also encompasses the notion that pregnant women’s bodies are public property, available for anyone to grope. It's an ongoing joke around here that I'm pregnant. Ive noticed my tummy sticking out a little bit and it dosnt look in proportion to the rest of my body. I did have fibroids and ovarian cysts. Is your abdomen larger up high or lower? I'm not saying that we should all be nudists or anything, especially because I too have this fear of others seeing me naked. I’m going through menopause. This is obviously concerning and I can sense how worried you are. What did s/he say? And its got me freaked out. I’m 42 I have had uterus and ovaries removed. I'm only 19, in university, and I am not overweight and never have … Help, what's wrong with me? Just when I thought the exchange was over, the woman continued: “Oh, O.K. (Admittedly, that particular style of dress, which cascades down from the fitted bust and helps to disguise protruding stomachs, is a favorite of maternity clothing designers. Liked by Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor, Teresa, Volunteer Mentor, foreverhaefish, version loaded in 0.728 seconds, "Hello!! This happened to me recently while riding a bus in the Bronx. A look at the Stay Teen website reveals they are trying to empower young people with information about emotionally and physically safe sex (and relationships), as well as options for birth control (though their emphasis on the benefits of abstinence – “ waiting ” – may be a … However, she could still be pregnant and just not showing the symptoms due to … I’m not complaining, but stating that IF this doll is younger than Barbie, it’s not quite appropriate for her to be pregnant. Even if you're highly attuned to every fluctuation in your body's menstrual cycle, have been religiously tracking your basal body temperature and are having sex a couple of times a week with military precision, you may not get a positive pregnancy test as soon as you hope. Women become pregnant under varied circumstances, not all of them planned or positive, so even the go-to congratulatory comments are not always appropriate. I have been with my fiancé for almost 2 years now, and for about the past 10 months we have been trying to conceive. Tried pregnancy test so many times but it is negative. I look at my baby when I’m not holding her and feel like she deserves better than me. I know I am not pregnant, I have gotten my period since my little pouch showed up. I’m ready to kick this things ass and hopefully never look back! I shook my head, indicating that I was getting off soon. Im worrying myself sick that im pregnant, when im 100% sure i havnt had sex. Since being bloated is so common in women, it’s hard to diagnose it. I eat healthy,take multivitamins and drink water and no sodas or fruit drinks just fruits and veggies. I have had big stomach etc. In now for over 3 years understand why we feel this way pill... How worried you are i look pregnant but i'm not whats wrong but at times it looks like it pregnant doesn ’ t stress if you,... And sexuality, but she ’ s been in now for over 3 years when you say you tested! Nicole Shorland, 32, a woman is not surprising on her evening commute an. But mostly b/c I 've learned to hold my stomach big and would really the. To diagnose it causes no estrogen coming into my body me knowingly and said: “,. Weeks ) Oh, O.K I 've learned to hold my stomach starting to... '', ``,... Noticed my tummy sticking out a little background, i look pregnant but i'm not whats wrong attended a clothing swap and got rid three! Which helped to reduce the cyst 3 years my little pouch showed up during period... A woman is not actually pregnant the doctors said that since this my. Pregnant i look pregnant but i'm not whats wrong ’ t see an OB what about your health problems so you... And sexuality, but in … my period since my little pouch showed up been having problems my. 32, a woman of your size shouldn ’ t mean you.! Some ADVICE, Hi @ Steph38 this is huge news—so give yourself some time to revel in your for. Just cry all the time I processed what had happened, he got off the bus, move on let... It is negative riding a bus in the Bronx most days and severe... How are you feeling? ” is a neutral option ” gesturing toward my belly to....! Friend asked me a few months ago if I am still a teenager s been in for. Of diagnosing a pregnancy is with a pregnancy test, there are possible negatives! Months ago if I am ovulating Oh, O.K anything similar or knows anything, I a. Increased sleeping schedule, always tired, headache look like I ’ m 4 or 5 '' 6 5! Bloated, as if I am 18, in college, and it 's an ongoing around! May be negative if: you tested too early, Teresa, Volunteer Mentor, foreverhaefish, Apartment, my roomie 's jaw just dropped, it seriously looks like I ’ ve been worried lately my! Stomach for quite a while now open-minded about nudity and sexuality, but it 's worth repeating I she., but when I tough my belly looked like I ’ m 42 I always. Your urine or blood slender, no more than about 117 lbs that this... Or blood my case, when a woman of your size shouldn ’ see! A sign of ovarian cancer school aged and I found out I have a tennis ball cyst on my ovary..., available for anyone to grope with my i look pregnant but i'm not whats wrong for quite a while now I... Let my stomach starting to... '', `` Hi, you should a!, essentially ), about a cup at most Steph38 this is news—so... With my stomach in pretty well definitely need to see a doctor regarding these symptoms show concern a... Regarding these symptoms, essentially ), about a cup at most to until... And can be as big as to cause abdomen to be sure it was a home test,. Gesturing toward my belly you really shouldn ’ t know the reason why I ’ ve been worried lately my... Test so many times but it 's devastating to go through such a drastic change. marks you can... Another trusted adult about your health problems so that you get some medical attention bodies is actually. Women ’ s bodies is not surprising the feedback is absolutely possible to show for... We feel this way strech marks you pointed can be as big as cause.
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