... Connecticut forbids the sale of bulletproof vests over the phone or Internet - you must buy in person. Copyright © 2020 Gun Forest | All rights reserved. 【ADJUSTABLE】Adjustable shoulder and side straps,belt design allows you to adjust it according to your needs, so you have full freedom of movement. Protective Armor Design for Law Enforcement. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. It is lightweight and affords mobility even as it gives security against bullet wounds. in 2020, also known as Kevlar vest, ballistic materials vests, armor plate vest, or bulletproofing clothing, you should remember that you are investing in your safety. Level III A Protection. Material: 600D Oxford fabric,it is of high quality, durable and can protect you from being hurt in games. Citizen armor has been recommended to offer the freedom to civilians who want to protect themselves and their loved ones, almost every day, from active shooters. Hundred of Stainless Steel Wires are mixed into the special high elastic nylon - It makes your arm, elbow, forearm strong as an iron. Hard ballistic plates provide better protection against heavy arms and rifle fire. For your maximum defense, always settle with IIIA. These fibers can be made by moving the para-aramids or Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-polyethylene(UHMWPE). BulletSafe Bulletproof Protective Vest has wrap-around front and rear ultra-high molecular weight ballistic panels and concealed front and back armor plate pockets and is multi-shot capable with a six-round National Institute of Justice standard. But for an overt vest, this is the opposite, which means you need to wear it over the clothes. My Review: Crye Precision has hade this list … It comes with Padded mesh interior lining; Adjustable cummerbund with pockets; Medium - X-Large adjustable sizing. Going back to ancient times, warriors are protecting themselves from arrows, spears, and swords, and they realized that wearing hard armor can make a difference for their safety during battles. Right here, we will help you find a good bulletproof vest in 2020. This results in the bullet flattening due to the sudden impact. There are different types of body armor, each of which addresses different issues and presents different solutions. It is also bulkier, heavier, and affords less mobility. Some business owners may also have the risk of encountering riots, looting, or any other dangers that can expose your body and vital organs to stray bullets when firing gets involved. The Kevlar body armor is ideal for law enforcement since it can resist abrasions and tears. The woven Kevlar ballistic materials will be sewn together with a Kevlar thread, while for the nonwoven Spectra Shield, it is coated and bonded with resins like Kraton, then it will be sealed between the two sheets of polyethylene film. Here are your options when it comes to the best body armor available in the market. Adjustable: The shoulder straps and waist strap are all adjustable to make it fit perfectly. 【ITEM SIZE】Adjustable for adults, S-XXXXL: the maximum waist is 57 inches (145cm), the smallest waist is 35 inches (89CM); the longest length is 22.5 inches (57cm); the shortest length is 20.5 inches (52cm), it could be adjusted to fit the shoulder and waist size, please pay attention to the size of the information before ordering. Ships immediately, Free Shipping. The product has NIJ IIIA level protection, and it comes at an unbeatable price. 6 Velcro Strap: 4 on Stomach Area and 2 on Shoulders. Carry 3 standard magazine pouches ,1 map and flashlight pouch, 2 communication pouches and 1 medic pouch,all bags are removable. These bulletproof vests can be worn or used by every civilian while concealing them under their fashion with little to no physical notice from those people who surround them. Trusted by national security companies. 【HIGH QUALITY】 Made from durable, comfortable high-density 600D Polyester,With mesh design, more breathable and light. Though it is known as a ‘bullet proof’ vest, they are not bullet proof. ADJUSTABLE S-XXL: maximum chest size is 50 inches. But how do these wonderful body armors work? And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. Though you are not part of the military, with more than 300 million legal firearms that can be found in private hands and also more than millions of illegal guns that are circulating around the country, the live-fire situation is increasing. Proven to save lives. ONE SIZE FITS ALL HOLSTER - Surgical grade elastic holster fits small subcompact, compact, and even full size pistols and revolvers. That’s why it is very important that you make a wise decision on this matter. This type of personal armor is worn over regular clothing. The technology that was used in products by Citizen Armor is the same as the technologies that were used by law enforcement in their body armor across the country. The best body armor is which best addresses your needs. When a vest belongs to level IIIA, it can give you defense from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum, which is great protection levels. ✅ PRECISE SIZING - 6 sizes for the best fit. This material is often described as “five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.” Kevlar has multiple uses like making bowstrings and boats to reinforcing brake pads and tires. Keep in mind that while the panel can provide protection to the wearer, it cannot offer much comfort. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Protective Vest can protect you from everything. The fibers created from this process are extremely strong yet flexible, and they can catch and hold the bullet and spread the generated impact throughout the body armor, which will result in the deformation of the bullet. We all know that bullets can damage many things as well as people since they can travel at high speeds together with a great amount of kinetic energy. Whether you are a member of the military, a member of law enforcement, or a private security professional, you need to find the right bulletproof vest that can provide you excellent protection level from different attacks and help you survive from various dangers that this world can bring. Advances in combat weaponry advances and changes in their use have grown, which necessitates changes in body protection requirements. ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Neoprene band is adjustable and stretches to fit up to a 44" belly. This plastic is strong enough that it can stop bullets and knives. Please contact us as we stand behind our products. These body armor plates has NIJ level III-A protection level, which means it has the highest level of defense for soft armor.
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