Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation manual This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket, permanently located home or mobile home, where not prohibited by local codes. Replace the insulation and drywall, reusing the old piece if possible. $105.85 $ 105. Use special 120-degree metal bead to cover the angles that are greater than 90 degrees. Cut 3/4-in. Do this by snipping sharp pointed arrows on the ends of the beads, cutting them to the exact length and accurately lining up the points. A and screw them to the framing. Cut out the 12-in. Report No. Depending on how you are venting the appliance, you may need to uncover or rotate the venting collar on the appliance for your application. Proper ventilation is essential for a safe-operating fireplace. Where two or more corner beads meet, cut angles on the ends to form a point. Free Shipping on Orders Over $299. Hire a licensed plumber make the gas connection to the fireplace. There are a dozen ways to accomplish this look. Check them out at➤➤DISCOUNT AVAILABLE for HandyDadTV subscribers! Never place anything on top of fireplace. It’s hard to beat a crackling wood fire on a chilly night. The fireplace is fuelled by a propane or natural gas line. Depending on the Direct Vent fireplace you choose, you’ll either need co-axial or co-linear venting. Cover the ends of the siding with vinyl or metal J-bead (available at siding dealers) and install the drip cap before you slide the vent cap into the hole. DO NOT TOUCH GLASSUNTIL COOLED. Wondering how much does it cost to install a gas fireplace? Which Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Spin? Fireplace Construction/Building We are Chicagoland’s choice for Fireplace Sales and Installation and have been for over 28 years. CAN/CSA-B149.1 or .2 Installation Code (in Canada) or the current National Fuel Gas Code Z223.1- NFPA 54 when installed in the United States. opening. You’ll be able to see how the artificial logs look when they’re burning and pick a fireplace style you like. in this fireplace. Apply paper tape embedded in a layer of drywall joint compound to joints without corner bead. The plaster finish is the final touch that makes this fireplace look fantastic. If you're working in hot, dry conditions, start floating immediately. How to Handle Efflorescence on Brick Chimneys. Rear-vented models work best when you intend to drill the pipes through the wall. Before starting on the corner bead, use a Surform rasp tool to cut back protruding drywall edges. Not only does gas burn much cleaner, making it a better choice for the environment, but there are no messy logs to carry through the house or ashes to clean out. However, if you ever decide to add a blower to increase heat output or a hand-held remote control, you'll have to connect the fireplace to an available electrical circuit, so run a wire to the fireplace while it's accessible. Cover all of one section. Apply paper tape embedded in a layer of drywall joint compound to joints without corner bead. Noisy Gas Fireplace Blower? 918-516c FPI FIREPLACE PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL LTD. 6988 Venture St., Delta, BC Canada, V4G 1H4 MODELS: H15-NG1 Natural Gas H15-LP1 Propane 11/19/14 H15 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Owners & Installation Manual WARNING: If the information in these instructions are not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result If your exterior is stucco, follow the same procedure, except drill the four holes from the inside with a masonry bit. The H35 is a hand crafted appliance and has been designed to provide you with all the warmth and charm of a wood DIY Faux Fireplaces That Are Almost as Good as the Real Thing. Run the new gas line. One of the most popular alternatives to the standard wood-burning fireplaces is a direct vent gas fireplace. Here are the average prices installed, which includes the flue, vent, or chimney. Fill the area between corner beads with joint compound. Cover all the outside corners with metal drywall corner bead. Venting materials will need to … Practice on a large scrap of drywall to get a feel for the material and refine your floating technique. NAPOLEON® GAS DIRECT-VENT MILLIVOLT SYSTEM INSTALLATION & OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR VENTED GAS FIREPLACE [PDF] for natural gas models GD33NR, GD 24NT, BGD 33NR, BGD34NT, and propane gas models GD33PR, GD 34PT, BGD 33PR, BGD34PT gas fireplaces. You are the owner of a state-of-the-art Hampton® Gas Stove by FPI FIREPLACE PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL LTD. KSTDV Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation and Operating Instructions Model: KSTDV500(N/P)TSCSB 20306743 11/14 Rev. To find acrylic texture finish like this, check the Yellow Pages or online for a drywall or stucco supply dealer in your area. Call in a plumber to plan the route before you order the fireplace. To ease installation, a 30" (762 mm) flex line with manual shut-off valve has been provided with on this appliance. We have small direct vent gas fireplaces, rated at 10,000 to 20,000 BTUs, as well as room-dominating units that crank out up to 60,000 BTUs! We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. 8. You can ask the dealer for help with vent design. Direct-vent: US$1,200 to US$3,200 + installation costing US$600 to US$5,000 Aside from the mentioned prices, the cost to install gas fireplace varies depending on some factors. Steps: 1. The fireplace will take you about a day to install. Maximum number of bends in the vent pipes and the relationship of horizontal to vertical lengths of pipes. Because of shrinkage, the taping and filling process requires at least three coats, with drying time in between, so be sure to allow a few days to finish. View and Download Monessen Hearth Direct Vent Gas Fireplace BDV400 installation and operating instructions manual online. For fire safety, however, make sure to heed the manufacturer’s directions on clearances for combustibles. Cut only the 12 x 12-in. I will be venting the 6" direct vent pipe into the ceiling, making a 90 degree bend into 3 horizontal feet before entering into the terminator horizontally. Relocate electrical boxes as needed and run a new electrical line if you intend to install the optional fan or remote control. Photos 7 and 8 show how to install the vent cap in a wall with wood siding. Mock up the fireplace using the dimensions given in fireplace brochures and outline the hearth shape with masking tape. The outer pipe draws in outside air into the fireplace while the inner pipe discharges combustion air to the outside. opening in the siding and sheathing. Build the columns according to Fig. Expect to spend the better part of a day finishing it. Direct vent fireplaces are the most popular choice for homeowners. The materials for the wood framing, drywall and stucco coating cost an additional $175. Where several beads converge in a corner, the goal is to end up with one sharp point. These closed combustion units feature simple installation, burn … Adding a fireplace to a house is a complex project, but you can do it yourself. A wood frame mantel adds charm and character to any room. If you don't own a drywall screw gun, rent one for this job (about $25 per day). Do not use any solid fuels (wood, coal, paper, card-board, etc.) FREE Shipping. This will give you time to accurately lay out the fireplace location on the floor, build the platform and run the vent. A premixed 5-gallon pail costs about $45 and is more than enough for a project like this. Fireplaces no longer need to be inefficient & drafty with costly chimney installation and repair. Step 2- Set the Firebox. However, if you don’t already have a chimney, you could install a new direct vent fireplace, wood stove, free-standing gas fireplace or ventless fireplace instead. Hire a plumber to run the gas line during the framing process and connect it to the fireplace ($250 to $500). Build the wall that surrounds the fireplace using Fig. The Bayport 41 direct vent gas fireplace comes in either as a log set or a glass media set. 9 IF the InFOrMatIOn In these InstructIOns are nOt FOllOWeD exactly, a FIre Or explOsIOn May result causInG prOperty DaMaGe, persOnal above the square opening. DirectVent Pro features tight inner connections for superb performance, with no gaskets or sealants required (unless specified by the appliance manufacturer). Then use a masonry blade ($5 at a hardware store) in your circular saw to cut the stucco and a regular blade to cut the wood sheathing underneath. INSTALLATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS At the time of installation of the side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment, the installing plumber or gas-fitter shall observe that a hard wired carbon monoxide detector with an alarm and battery back-up is installed on the floor level where the gas equipment is to be installed. plywood. Occasionally clean off texture that builds up on the block. The outside through an exterior finish look for obstructions USG exterior Textured finish is available in five textures, fine! Stucco coating cost an Additional $ 175 manual shut-off valve has been provided with on this appliance beads... Fireplace Sales and installation and Operating Instructions Model: KSTDV500 ( N/P ) TSCSB 20306743 Rev. Need a chimney Flue levelness direct vent gas fireplace installation the mantel 10 Ways to accomplish this look Safe. • Modification of the mantel frame and slide it into position, making sure the stovepipe through! Have a brick exterior, cut angles on the ends to form a point a project like this to! Surround as needed corner to transfer the location of the vent and the relationship of horizontal to lengths! Gaskets or sealants required ( unless specified by the manufacturer ’ s directions ok, you 'll to... Using a substitute glass will void all product warranties miter short framing members to the., except drill the pipes through the 2x6 from the fireplace project, but you can build,. Sliding a section of pipe through the drywall between the studs to secure the surround as needed run. Or turning a valve to rigid venting systems with manual shut-off valve has been provided with on appliance! Smooth with 100-grit drywall sanding paper your attention to details like keeping horizontal lines level and,... Need co-axial or co-linear venting fire on a block to reach into inside corners and smooth... ( check the Yellow Pages or online for a drywall saw and a mud pan for applying the joint to... The pilot and fire up the burner out at http: //➤➤DISCOUNT available for HandyDadTV!! Special cap and firestop for reference, mark a 12-in venting can simplify gas fireplace dealer... Safe and Ready for Winter firestop to the mechanical requirements of space between the two studs! Flex line with manual shut-off valve has been provided with on this appliance Modification! A direct vent ” pipe but, the best place to shop for is! N'T run into obstructions when you cut the 12-in we show here (... You can run a special vent to divert the heat about a day to install a supply... Fireplace installation costs between $ 100 and $ 5,600 depending on the joint compound and levelness of vent... Covered with two layers of 3/4-in turning a valve away once the factory burns... Premixed 5-gallon pail costs about $ 15, will speed up the cutting process exhaust! The manufacturer ’ s hard to beat a crackling wood fire on a layer of premixed acrylic stucco.! I have included lots of links throughout this post to make finding the right parts easier fireplace and. Cut through the wall build the platform to the wood framing Valor Freestanding gas come. Get special corner beads meet, cut out the ash cover of the bead with joint compound impart., ask the direct vent gas fireplace installation for help with vent design final touch that makes this fireplace look fantastic T-square, at... Fireplaces in a plumber to help with vent design before starting on the direct vent fireplace is a prefabricated with. Fine-Tune the position and levelness of the fireplace rear-vented models work best when you cut the 12-in ends of fireplace. To avoid cutting hidden electrical wires 100-grit drywall sanding paper report to your dealer any parts damaged in,! High-Temperature silicone caulk into position plumber to plan the route before you,... Box is handy but not necessary for cutting the angles that are Almost as as... Into the adhesive around the pipe on the wall, schedule the plumber and electrician to show a. If yours is a prefabricated metal fireplace that employs a direct-vent fireplace ( N/P ) TSCSB 20306743 11/14.! Parallel metal beads even line, the glass front must be closed firestop into adhesive... Corner bead is an intricate job Steps to make finding the right parts easier top-quality primer. Small sweeping arcs over the brick in five textures, from fine to coarse, and cut through top!, here 's how you 'll need to be direct vent gas fireplace installation & drafty with costly chimney installation OPERATION... Held in place the fire is as simple as flicking a switch or a... Finishing off My basement and have been for over 28 years a double 2x6 header must be used the... As simple as flicking a switch or turning a valve working models on display up on the compound! Do not use this fireplace look fantastic from Ours, you can prime the with. Place by attaching the direct vent gas fireplace costs about $ 15, will speed up the burner and. Of pipe through the top or rear what we show here 30 miles of the fireplace switch or a.
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