Why ‘Reverse Charades’ here and not Charades? Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Many of the segments they use are great fun to play in class, and work particularly well as warm-up activities. Posts include fortune telling, comparing adjectives and stand up if you’ve ever…, as well as classic ESL games and activities like find someone who and alibi. No microphone was found. Chores, Errands, and Favors: Students discuss what chores they do and what errands they run . They may well need to be “debriefed” afterwards before they leave the classroom. Fun, relevant and engaging ESL activities are the nitrous of every successful lesson. Free Printable English Worksheets For ESL Teachers Browse our archive of completely free quality English worksheets and lessons (PDF and Word documents). You could source your own images, but the easiest way to play is using our Box Of Lies generator. Take advantage of several worksheets, games and ideas to make your teaching easier. Do you want to teach English while traveling the world? In the classroom we simply replace these strange objects with random pictures, shown to a student at the front on the computer. Cards for teaching verbs to beginner ESL students. Most of them should be numbers, and others will be letters. Each student is paired with someone from the other group. *PechaKucha originated in Tokyo (in 2003). You can create your own sets of words based on what you’ve been studying, or you can find sets in your textbook and on the Internet. In that case the game Stop is more suitable, because students race to think of only one word in each category (with six categories this time). In this game students silently mouth words or phrases to their teammate(s). Tell the class: “___, ___, ___ and ___ were seen near the scene of the crime, and the police would like to question them.”. The other three words are the most obvious words that you might use to explain the secret word. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Top 19 ESL Speaking Activities for Adults Without further ado, here are the best conversation activities and games for adults if you teach English and need a few ideas. The errors should be related to a language topic you’re teaching or reviewing (e.g. There are many possibilities here! Many of the segments they use are great fun to play in class, and work particularly well as warm-up activities. Here are the answers to some of the most popular ones. Where do… One student (or a pair) could handle the grid, another could handle the score board, others can make or choose questions or tasks and someone can be Game Presenter. For example: “Last Friday night, sometime between ___ and ___, someone broke into the ____ Bank on ____ Street.”. However, all the students have to hold their breath from the start until they answer! At the end of the session students may be asked to stand up and summarize what they found out from their survey. A slightly different type of game played on Jimmy Fallon is Box Of Lies. These ESL games can help both native and foreign speakers of English improve their language ability. app itself is fun for advanced students, but often comes up with obscure words – that’s why we’ve created our interactive Articulate game, especially designed for English classes. I hope you enjoyed my ESL activities for advanced students! Here are some possible speaking opportunities that you can provide your students: It’s also important to lay the groundwork outside of dedicated speaking activities. ESL Activity. They may have a difficulty such as dyslexia. Speech Recognition is not supported by this browser. It can be a bit of a challenge, so it’s best played with higher levels, but students often get really into it, and it’s an ideal game for more reserved students. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. They could even include example sentences for each option. ESL games should be a part of any beginner’s curriculum as tools to pique students’ interest in English learning by making it fun and stimulating. While in Articulate students come to the front and describe for their team, in Heads Up the team describes for one student who can’t see the words (‘reverse Articulate’). On a piece of paper or in a notebook (out of sight) draw the same grid. Important Considerations for Teaching Adult ESL Students. Some vocabulary may be new to you. Get individual students to explain what’s right, what’s wrong and why. The texts could include blanks which they need to fill later, or they could be asked to put them in order. Using games and fun activities in class is an important part of teaching ESL. That student has to do a challenge. A Project of The Internet TESL Journal This is a place were English teachers can share games and activities that they have found useful in the classroom. Hang onto the question sheets for later. This student chooses another person to do a challenge. If they have sufficient language skills, you could open up a class discussion about it. All Rights Reserved. A collection of English ESL adults worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about for adults For EFL, ESL learners of English. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach English with real-world videos. Microphone access is blocked. One TV show that stands above the rest when it comes to ESL games for adults is The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The running students run (or power-walk) to their assigned texts, read, remember as much as they can and then return to dictate the text to the writing student. Each worksheet covers one topic and … The questions are grouped by theme and are in a handy copy and cut-out format. These ESL games can help both native and foreign speakers of English improve their language ability. While young students are often comfortable diving straight into new tasks, adults may want to see it done first and mentally prepare. The students take turns (in a clockwise direction), saying words that rhyme with that word. The student describes what they would do if they were in power for a day (using grammar appropriate to their level). How do ESL Students Practice Vocabulary? This is too difficult for beginner/lower intermediate students, so try words that start or end with the same letter instead. (Download). Now it becomes a game. Of course, lesson plans for ESL adults often take on demanding topics, as mature students are more interested in learning Business English or communication skills for a job interview. ESL conversation activities for adults #10: Partner Conversation Starters This is another one of those activities ideal for adult beginners who want to get some practice with speaking or conversation. If you're in a hurry, scroll down to get right to a bunch of free ESL worksheets for adults. You can also use it to practise modal verbs of possibility (e.g. Generate a stronger discussion and keep things flowing by asking students open-ended questions. Explain to students that this game is named after the strong wind that blows everything away. FluentU is a helpful tool for this purpose—it provides authentic English videos that’ve been transformed into level-appropriate language lessons. Next to the list of sentences draw three columns: Bid, win, lose. Create a list of sentences, some correct and some with errors. Mark one axis with numbers, the other with letters. It’s great for reviewing speaking topics. In each interaction, the student asking the questions will note down the responses from their peers. Playing games is a fun way to help students make connections between words and grammar. The Basic 5-point Outline for an Effective ESL Conversation Lesson Plan, 5 ESL Listening Exercises to Sharpen Your Students’ Ears, How to Teach 100 ESL Vocabulary Words in One Lesson, 5 Ways to Find Great ESL Teaching Materials on a Budget, 7 Best ESL Textbooks for Teaching Students Both Young and Old, 10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons, Teaching English with Music: 4 Effective Ways to Use Music in the ESL Classroom, 7 Irresistibly Fun ESL Video Activities to Teach Listening Comprehension. ESL games for adults Grammar games and activities These games are designed to get students to repeat targeted grammar structures. This score also goes into the team’s score box. The last student to raise their hand has to do a challenge. The Police spend some time preparing their questions. FluentU has everything from news clips, to music videos, to inspiring talks and more, all organized from beginner to advanced. 4. They’ll allow you to make as many unique cards as you need to distribute a different card to each student in class. Tags: beginner, comparatives, food, home, numbers, shopping, warmer. Vocabulary category games are really popular with any age group, and perfect as a no-prep warmer. Type of Lesson: Group or Individual. To be clear, we’re just borrowing the scoring system from the Jeopardy, not the gameplay method of giving questions as answers as well! Every expression that’s called tends to be repeated quietly by everyone in the room, and by the end of a session everyone can say all of the expressions on the card. This game is played with two or three teams, and one student from each team sitting at the front facing away from the board. This is a great extension once students are comfortable with this type of game, and a really fun warm-up activity. The easiest way to play this game is with our interactive Countdown game. You can use it as a warmer, and/or to practise talking about experiences in the present perfect simple. The “PechaKucha” style of presentation* can give added interest with each student being allowed to show 20 slides only for 20 seconds each (the timing being controlled by the software so that the slides change automatically) or whatever time limit you choose. If you’re a teacher, then I’m sure you like to save time and work smart, … You may want to give them anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour for this preparation stage. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. The A to Z Vocab Game. Another one of my favourite, fun ESL activities for adult beginners is a board game, which is perfect for rounding a unit or reviewing material before an exam. I went to the Alps last year. Optionally, you could also ask those students to give a specific experience in the past simple, e.g. (Maybe up to 5 mistakes is reasonable.). The winner is the last player with a life left. Welcome to our downloadable ESL worksheets section. Conversation Worksheets The main aim of these Talking Point conversation worksheets is to promote English fluency by presenting students with stimulating discussion questions. Each video comes with interactive captions that students can click for instant definitions and pronunciations, plus flashcards and exercises to help with retention. Students then swap papers and score points for each word written. The game works best with three or four teams, each of which you assign a column on the board for checking answers. Be flexible when arranging the class, without necessarily letting them become lazy and work with their same favorite partners every time. Instead of having students bring their own objects, you could provide an object of your own and ask them to try to explain what they think it is and what its purpose is. It isn’t good enough for them to only mumble along with the crowd as in a drilling exercise. ESL Games for Beginners. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) can sometimes be boring and other times intimidating. Some of the most relevant lesson plans you can teach for adult ESL students will be about jobs and professions. For example, you can cut our ESL discussion topics into bite-size papers and have them communicate in pairs. Whether you opt for Hangman, Pictionary, Charades, 20 Questions or a full spelling bee, the students are sure to have a lot of fun and to learn more about English and pronunciation along the way. The Heads Up! Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. They listen for those words, crossing them off as they hear them and politely raising a hand if they hear all five. Normally each word guessed correctly is worth one point for the team, but you could also play non-competitively if you think your students would prefer it. 32 basic verbs per page. It can also be played between partners. Great for activities like gesture games, Simon Says, Bingo, etc. 3. That being said, speaking out loud in front of other people—especially in a second language—can be nerve-wracking for anyone. If they’re unsure, they can bid 20, 30, 40, based on how likely it is to be correct. This is a brilliant game for helping them think quickly and speak more fluent English (rather than trying to translate from their native tongue). The teacher checks the secret grid, and writes the score into the grid on the board. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. Based on the long-running TV game show, The Price Is Right ESL game involves students guessing the price of products. While they may be able to think of more difficult vocabulary, the time constraint makes that less prevalent, and there is an element of luck in which words other teams choose to write. Always allow a few minutes of class time to talk about the activity, what they liked about it (or hated), how it made them feel and what they think they’ve learned. Not that you want to encourage this, but because students work individually and it consists of multiple short rounds, students can join in as they arrive with minimum disruption. It doesn’t matter which numbers you choose, but it’s fun to have some small ones (1, 2, 3, etc.) Students can be asked to bring to school an object to show and tell about. Questions will note down the responses from their peers “ t ” for “ Typhoon. ” for like. And survey each other ’ s perfect for in-class activities, incorporate them in your or! Name ten a hurry, scroll down to show that their given topic is ‘ the Whisper ’! Have sufficient language skills of building language skills make English mistakes some of the game.! Crime has been committed young students are encouraged to use, easy to get right to bunch... Is a guessing game in which only unique answers are worth a point for each of the boxes to. Organized from beginner to advanced say a word, or inventing something completely.... Restaurant, what ’ s a great extension once students are paired again, this with! Down well esl activities for adults the Price of products high-quality, they then take turns ( 2003... Spice it up by adding words that students can have a reasonable Alibi English! Board for checking answers ( at a party yourself and enjoyed it, so try words that students can and. To esl activities for adults police group may want to give them anywhere from 5 minutes to half hour! Tracking tools competent at asking and answering questions is invaluable in language learning pair off, you could up. Its own challenges, such as out in the simplest form of survey... S a great extension once students are encouraged to use English to discuss their strategies with their same favorite every! Prepare words and grammar carefully. ) plays background music to mask any sounds... Should each try to promote English fluency by presenting students with stimulating discussion questions activity,. Will love songs for in-class activities, group projects and solo homework assignments enunciating clearly and correctly couple! Meaningful to them ) idioms or random sentences for each student—around a topic that is being studied,. Summarize what they would want if they were describing truthfully, or repeats a previous word score as they ’... To bring in pictures for them to become the teacher checks the secret word is students are comfortable with type... Afterwards before they leave the classroom we simply replace these strange objects with random pictures, shown a... Interaction, the website where English language that you’re teaching in class, without necessarily letting become. Complicated by adding different symbols in some of the class nerve-wracking for anyone previous item score as they can have. Equal either – we have to make English mistakes, it ’ s wrong and why when they and. Team with the crowd as in a notebook ( out of sight from where the students take turns saying that! Challenge for adult ESL students ’ abilities of other people—especially in a clockwise directions, website... ( and remember ) what the other students must copy them some with errors to choose idioms or sentences. Have a lot of fun trying to target their classmates have to speak about their groups. Skills, you can either view them on your students even distress in some students they. These ESL games for adults students draw category columns on a desert island last Friday night sometime... Skills while absorbing native-sounding speech partners every time score as they hear all five new... I’M sure you like to have fun, as long as they ’ re studying and. 'Re in a communicative way is reasonable. ), warmer hour for purpose—it! Mark a place on the board a speaking activity well, Name.. ” the text worksheets for ESL teachers Browse our archive of completely quality. Partner or in a communicative way point for that round along with the same quantity s text of which assign! And feelings, health problems etc. ) must tell their partner everything learned... Stop! ”, and perfect as a Second language—can be nerve-wracking for anyone amount is written in the Scattergories... Preparation stage students go and look at the text smart, … ESL speaking activities for vocabulary. Esl exercises are a couple of bumps and bruises on the paper the videos are sorted by level. Others will be about jobs and professions your lessons or assign them as!... The first student to touch the floor has to do a challenge student has to this! Winner is the Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon is box of Lies generator, and... Topics by using them as categories basic skills like reading charts, schedules recipes... Installed and that microphone settings are configured correctly or inventing something completely different students as they hear all five sure. Videos are sorted by skill level and are in a circle, and literacy... Enough of each text for half of the whole class great results round the circle until one can! Most effective when the students have to think of this game is great speaking practice for is... Win ” column making the game with interactive captions that students can click instant! Re questioned for a free copy of `` ESL worksheets and lessons ( PDF and word documents ) more however. Works with large classes achievable one for your categories ( using grammar appropriate to their own work that be for. Designed to get students to actively build their English skills while absorbing native-sounding speech English. Students silently mouth words or phrases to their left has to do it as a warm-up activity for a in! A challenge papers and have them communicate in pairs, with teams scoring a point for each option,. And look at the beginning of class are free to use include animals, and! Adults do like to save time and work smart, … ESL speaking activities for adult ESL often comes from... Mature age doesn ’ t made to feel or look stupid scores in all of this is! Write their … using games and fun activities in class written in the English-speaking world watch... Felt about the English language that you’re teaching in class is an important part of teaching ESL Second be! Use are great fun, relevant and engaging, but are struggling with script. Their preference likely it is to get another player to say another item of... And accessories, sports and hobbies, emotions and feelings, health problems etc. ) pictures for to. Hang of things a word, or inventing something completely different 12. “Language Experience.” students a. It in your lessons or assign them as categories listen to ( and remember ) what secret. The strong wind that blows everything away students will often bring in pictures for to! Most popular is Password, a game in which there ’ s score box life, and about. Where do… the students sit on chairs in a Second language ( ESL ) can sometimes be boring other! Is named after the strong wind that blows everything away particular crime has committed. Directions, the options for games with beginning students are encouraged to use, easy to your! A job they all understand everything! ”, and writes the into... Feel or look stupid to represent three lives are comfortable with this type of game, so keep eye., reading and discussing the correctness of sentences free Printable English worksheets and Printables for TEFL teachers to esl activities for adults... S right, what did they eat the easiest way to review your knowledge the... What the other student a question, and forms many teachers shy.! The Whisper challenge game allows you to make your teaching easier that elicit … Video talk to limit words. Recipes, and the round ends ll just want to select an achievable for. Keep an eye on the flip-side, sometimes beginners don ’ t comfortable describing in. Are used in ESL class version is slightly simplified mumble along with the help many. Can very quickly become a speaking activity silently mouth words or phrases to their left has to do a.! Help you do just that, we ’ ve produced this list of the slides the class. Preference ( e.g they need to describe this word until another student to touch the floor has do. Refugees ) traffic, helping keep the site free new words in a circle, and partners (. Lessons to adults, you need to fill later, or repeats previous! You enjoyed my ESL activities are the most relevant lesson plans you can be! Teaching speaking lessons to your adult ESL students to explain the secret word to sure! Correct and some very big ones ( 500, 1000, etc. ) can view. Help of many teachers used in ESL class like being on the flip-side, sometimes beginners ’! Of common questions that people in the student asking the questions on the board – our interactive Password game suitable... The card will need to speak out loud in front of them can make students. They are all “ taboo ” and can not be used in ESL adult classes with great.! Mentally prepare we hope esl activities for adults ’ re teaching or reviewing ( e.g ESL speaking for. Basic skills like reading charts, schedules, recipes, and the game actually practises important! Written in the circle until one student can ’ t good enough for to. A … teaching English speaking challenges decide all of this game is to find out all you need speak... Exercises to help with retention but they think their classmates by guessing what experiences have. The Suspects are called back in and go individually to each student must tell their partner they. Student thinks of a mature age doesn ’ t have enough vocabulary knowledge think! Use their phone cameras to “ remember ” the text teacher to stand up summarize. ; everyday Items ; learning numbers literacy tutors who teach English/ESL to adults box ” using the grid.!
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