We refused, we wanted to keep our tree, and then it mysteriously … They have been cutting branches of without even asking. Also under the same Act, it is also an offence to administer or feed a harmful substance, with the intention of killing an animal, with the maximum penalty … The neighbor who poisoned the tree should pay for it to be removed correctly. Such a shame. I place great value on it, not only for its grace and beauty. Turns out my tree was there first and so any damage caused by the roots was not my responsibility. The beautiful tree with its branches that formed a gentle canopy across the side yard, shading the back rooms of the house, was in fact a noxious weed, my elderly neighbour Bob had told me repeatedly. My tree overhangs my neighbour’s land. He complained about our mulberry tree saying the possums & fruit bats come and eat the mulberry's and keep him awake at night, he even offered to come cut it down for us. If they too are dying, then chemicals may have been poured into the soil around the tree. In my opinion it was a waste of tax payer’s money and government resources. The large trees my neighbours have planted will overshadow/block views from our property. Wouldn’t common sense prevail? What can i do.They are very cruel If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss. Introduction. 09 Apr 2019 You would hard pressed to fathom the level of empathy we felt for a very recent Robina tree removal client. Tree disputes. She had been asking us to remove the tree for a couple of years. What can I do if my neighbour’s tree drops branches into my backyard some of the time and drops berries, fruit, twigs and leaves which need sweeping all of the time? The 2 trees that the neighbour has poisoned and killed were actually over 8 metres tall and when we got quotes for supplying and planting 8 metre high trees the quote amounted to over $12,000. In this instance, have a chat with your neighbour about whether they’d be willing to work with you to maintain the tree, or cut back any part of it that encroaches on your property yourself. (e) Problems caused by own trees People obviously cannot claim against neighbours for problems caused by their own tree unless it can be shown that the neighbour has interfered with the tree so as to create the … Here's the lowdown on what you must prove to recover for a damaged or destroyed tree, and … If the shoe is on the other foot and you have arrived home one day to find your tree has been hacked at and you suspect it was your neighbour then depending on the outcome you seek, maybe a couple of different things you can do. Wouldn’t the neighbourly thing to do is talk to your neighbour? "If a tree is obviously leaning or things look dangerous ... Mr Boundy said if a tree had not been altered by an owner or a neighbour and … Well my neighbour has poisoned my Fig (Benjamina ?) Q: My neighbour's tree overhangs my fence and it is so large that it cuts out the light from a large area of my small garden. In the last tree week almost all the trees within 5 or 6 meters of his property back fence but on my side have died. Never had any issues with trees, but I have noticed he trims the branches of mine that lean over into his (treeless) property. When a beloved tree you've planted in your backyard starts to die, it's a shame. 1. He has admitted to poisoning it. If poison, such as petrol, has been poured on the ground around a tree, then it is very likely that nearby plants and trees are also suffering. I have repeatedly asked him to cut it down but he has refused. I've got a fence line that I share with a neighbor. Not only is he a concrete madman. As I am on Disability pension, I cannot afford to pay all that money myself to replace my trees. tree. it is at least 60ft high and my garden is constantly covered in needles. A neighbor poisoned a tree on my property. For a tree owner, a tree might provide shade, privacy, support for wildlife and amenity to their property. In fact he has been quite nasty. But he says it was accidentaly, spray drift over a 6ft fence! My neighbours have a massive tree in their garden which blocks out all the light to my garden. I need help with regards to my neighbour who I suspect of killing all my trees in my backyard with some sort of poison. Some branches and leaves go into my neighbors yard. Can my neighbour cut the overhanging branches? No big deal. Both owners will have to agree on how to deal with it. Today I was walking the fence line and noticed a bottle placed in between one of the branches of a tree on my side. The spray drifts over here while we are out in our yard. She states she can't see around our tree; even reported us to L&I numerous times, but they declared the tree is in no violation to Phila. About three years ago I made a fire in a 44 gallon drum and my lovely neighbours called the fire brigade. My neighbour poisoned my cats.. My two beautiful little cats, ... Our grandpa died three years ago next Saturday, and Christmas is always hard because it was the time of year where he absolutely lit up as a person and went all out in terms of decorations, gifts, etc. Ok, here we go. The tree was removed by myself in 2004 for my … The roots are right against my fence. Please don't say "Try talking to the Neighbours" because I've already tried that … I subsequently found that a hole had been drilled into the tree on his side and a coloured stain indicated that the tree had been deliberately poisoned. If your tree’s roots affect your neighbour’s property, that is also your responsibility. A beautiful tree and in the center of my front garden so it's of no inconvenience to anyone at all. I think they poisoned it. but also a sentimental one. In my case, my Golden Cypress has been poisoned. Q I have a 100-year-old oak tree in my garden. It is your responsibility as a tree-keeper if the tree is ‘wholly or mainly situated on your land’; so even if the tree is on the boundary line, if the majority is on your land you are classed as the tree-keeper. When your neighbor is accused of poisoning the tree, it's just wrong. The best solution is to advise your neighbour or your concern in a friendly manner. The Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006, called the ‘Trees Act’, provides a much cheaper and simpler method for resolving some of the tree disputes between neighbours than the legal remedy that was previously available.Before the Trees Act, a common law action for nuisance had to be taken … I am quite sad about the situation. Some of the roots to the tree are in my garden, so am I legally allowed to cut the root and feed the tree with various tree killing substances?
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