Arrowverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Black Hole acquired Esperanza Garcia, grooming her into an assassin whilst using her meta-human abilities to its advantage. Renegades | Ralph called Sue's parents to have them meet him at his detective agency so that he can tell them that he had seen their daughter; Sue accompanied them and pretended that she had seen Ralph for the first time. However, Iris continued to pursue the lead, meeting Carver to unearth his affiliation with the group. Oliver Queen | Deadshot | Amanda Waller | Black Hole also known as The Black Hole is an extremely dangerous Central City Criminal Organization who are comprised of Rogue Scientist who have studied The Speed Force trying to harness the power of The Speed Force. Black Hole was a crime syndicate associated with McCulloch Technologies and led by Joseph Carver, employing light-based meta-human assassins for their crimes. Carver himself, which allowed him to tap the power of the Speed Force storms directly. Formed in that relatively brief span of time is a vast universe of characters, worlds, and intriguing events. The Arrowverse will pick back up in 2021. Black Hole seems to favor using villains/metas with light powers. Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, also known as Dr. Light, minor antagonist Season 6 of the TV series The Flash. Solomon Grundy | If you find an issue this organization appears in that is not shown here, please edit that issue adding "Black Hole (Arrowverse)" in the cast variable field. Light. I never miss twice." ARROWVERSE – ECCO IN CHE ORDINE GUARDARE GLI EPISODI DI ARROW, THE FLASH, CONSTANTINE, SUPERGIRL, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, BLACK LIGHTNING e BATWOMAN. He is portrayed by Eric Nenninger. Chronos | Razer | Main Antagonists Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Brother Blood | Isabel Rochev | Ruvé Darhk | Andrew Diggle | Conklin | Lonnie Machin | Talia al Ghul | Evelyn Sharp | Ishmael Gregor | Tobias Church | Anatoly Knyazev | Cayden James | Joe Wilson | Dante | Grant Wilson | John Diggle, Jr. | Trickster | Doctor Alchemy | Marlize DeVoe | Amunet Black | Vanessa Ambres | Joseph Carver | Zaman Druce | Valentina Vostok | Nora Darhk | Astra Logue | Atropos | Indigo | Silver Banshee | Colonel James Harper | Cyborg Superman | Thomas Coville | Morgan Edge | Otis Graves | Manchester Black | Pamela Ferrer | The Hat | Morae | Eve Teschmacher | Red Daughter | Phil Baker | Margot Morrison | Rama Khan | Jonathan Cartwright | Chuck Dodgson | Overgirl | A.M.A.Z.O | Shadow Demons | Lala | Syonide | Painkiller | Lady Eve | Kara Fowdy | Giselle Cutter | Helga Jace | Carson Williams | Sara Grey | Yuri Mosin, Minor Antagonists Arrowverse episode order tracker. My name is Jethro. —Frida to Joe West[src] Frida Novikov, nicknamed the Turtle II by Cisco Ramon, and referred to as Turtle 2.0 in Cisco's Who's Who? Season 4: The Thinker | Marlize DeVoe | Samuroid | Kilg%re | Gregory Wolfe | Amunet Black | Matthew Norvock | Killer Frost | Black Bison | Dwarfstar | King Shark | Anthony Bellows | Peek-a-Boo | Black Arrow | Overgirl | Reverse-Flash | Prometheus (Earth-X) | Quentin Lance (Earth-X) | Trickster II | Prank | Jones | Crucifer | Siren-X Future Flash | Magenta | Murmur | User account menu • [spoilers] A question about leviathan and black hole. Doctor Light | None Villains from the Arrowverse settings. r/Arrowverse: Welcome to r/Arrowverse, a subreddit dedicated to the universe of comic-book TV shows that began on The CW in 2012. Allegra sees her cousin as the darkness to her light. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A diamond owned by the organization Black Hole that secretly contains all information on the organization’s financial infrastructure. Weather Wizard | Felix Faust | Savitar | The mainstream version can be found here: Black Flash. Ragdoll | Never spoil a crossover episode again! Morrow | Jemm | Dirk Armstrong | Bizarro | Toyman | Miranda Crane | Metallo | Scorcher | Roulette | Parasite | Phillip Karnowsky | Mister Mxyzptlk | Beth Breen | Rick Malverne | Bloodsport | Pestilence | Mercy Graves | Natalie Hawkings | Midnight | Hush | Magpie | August Cartwright |

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