Using more fuel and is hard to maintain speed. I attempted to help my son in law troubleshoot his airbag light problem (it came on for no apparent reason but that's another story) by having him remove the negative terminal of his 2007 fusion's battery. This problem can be similar to the last one. Okay, well an oxygen sensor that is stuck completely lean will cause the ECM's fuel trim to increase fuel considerably because the ECM thinks the engine is starved for fuel, on a Volvo I have seen an O2 sensor to cause this same exact problem. This sounds like the catalytic converter is broken apart and needs to be replaced but to be sure these guides will help confirm the issue. Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 AT 8:35 AM A loss of electricity could spell disaster, especially when you take into account that vital systems like the fuel injection use electricity to calculate fuel-to-air ratios and other necessary tasks. The wrench light on my 2010 Ford Fusion is coming, My wrench - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Please, please have your trouble codes read if there is a check engine light on at all. The 2013 Ford Fusion has 3 problems reported for wrench warning light on. They cleaned and tweaked the throttle and we went almost 3 months before it happened … After driving the car for a minute or two, the wrench light comes on, telling me to 'see owner's manual'. You can actually check that O2 with a multi-meter if you have one. It was the throttle body I followed the guide worked perfect thank you. I was luckily able to get to the shoulder. © 2020 Vehicle History Inc. All Rights Reserved. once car is turned off and restarted the problem will go away. Helpful 0 ; Not Helpful; Flag × Ad. SPONSORED LINKS. Also smells like something's burning Thanks. I thought the car might turn back to normal but apparently at 2500 to 3500 RPM, the car is just revving up but no lateral movement on the ground. The orange wrench light was on, the instrument panel said see owners manual and the car was shuddering and shaking. However when key is shut off the ranch goes away and the car is Excelerator returns to normal. Do you. This condition occurred one more time about 45 miles later, just a few miles from our home, same result. If you see the wrench light on your ford fusion it's simply a "check engine" light meaning there is a fault code stored by the car's onboard computer. Friday, August 27th, 2010 AT … The power your car's engine is producing is important. While going through a drive thru restaurant, the car shuddered and then the "wrench" light came on in the dash warning area. Car Research Make Favorite Answer. Learn About Us. Here is a guide that will help with that: Hello and congratulations for your website its very nice and helpfull! This car needs to have a fuel pressure test and the ignition system needs to be checked out and tested and also the ECM needs to be scanned for diagnostic codes. Tell the dealer to scan it. have the same problem? No Lights On The Dash Or Any Sound Whatsoever When I Try To Start It. 2009 Fusion SE manual - wrench and check engine lights - no revving possible. What Could This Mean? The Powertrain malfunction (wrench)/service warning indicator may be illuminated to indicate […] I own a 2011 Ford Fusion purchased new in late 2010. No. 2014-2016 Fiesta - Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) - Wrench Light On - No Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Occur At Oil Change Intervals Some 2014 - 2016 Fiesta Equipped With 1.6L Engine May Exhibit A Powertrain Malfunction (Wrench)/Service Warning Indicator Illuminated With No DTCs. The only code was p0141. Posted on Dec 30, 2009. Ford Fusion Forums - General Topics. On approximately 25%-50% of the trips I take with the car, the wrench icon will be on by the end. It sounds like the throttle bore is dirty this guide can help fix it, Loss of power and cuts out every now and then, Would a p0141 code cause loss of power and sputtering. Dash. ERIC STEWART MEMBER; 2006 FORD FUSION; 6 CYL; FWD; AUTOMATIC; 85,500 MILES ; While going through a drive thru restaurant, the car shuddered and then the "wrench" light came on in the dash warning area. The 2007 Ford Fusion has 30 NHTSA complaints for the vehicle speed control at 62,730 miles average. Then I said let me buy a new throttle body, and the car was working good until I to stop short behind a car. My car just recently stopped accelerating like normal it is like holding back when I push the pedal down then the Rpms jump and then go back down. That is most likely the issue. 7 years ago. While driving my 2005 ford freestyle on the road, It suddenly turned the wrench light ON and seized acceleration. That is a heater code so all it does is warm up the 0/2 sensor faster. I had the throttle body replaced and drove it 100 miles and the wrench light came on, Now the servicemen are saying that they need to replace the Mechatronic Unit. Ford Fusion Engine Problems. Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 AT 8:33 AM But start with a quick scan of the ECM for codes, most autoparts stores will scan it for free if you just ask. Conclusion: Ford Fusion Stalling Diagnosis. To see how frequently Ford Fusion problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. you no longer have a cable, but a computer controls the throttle for speed opening or a trans concern. Yes. There is a Ford technical service bulletin (#252290) which addresses this topic exclusively. Check the vehicle speed sensor (VSS). (Merged), While driving myn car after it warms up when taking off the speed odometer Start's jumping an it will not let me accelerate I have to let go of the gas then it will let me go today while doing 70 mph the speed odometer started jumping again its getting worse, Do you have a check engine light? I got onto the highway and tried to accelerate and the car would not go above 35 mph. 2010 Ford fusion seems to have intermittent acceleration problem. No. It Has Now... My Car Is Sputtering Real Bad When I Put On The Acceleration. This could be a couple of things which is why we need to start with checking for codes. It will cost another $800.00 for that. I turned OFF the engine and started back ON and wrench light went away. On my 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, I frequently get the yellow "wrench" icon which appears on the LCD screen to the left of the speedometer. 0.9 volts is full rich and the lower 0.1 volts is full lean reading. The most recently reported issues are listed below. I’m noticing no issues when shifting or a loss of power. This is a common problem with Ford Fusion and it will continue to get worse if you don't get it fixed. The throttle body needs to be replaced and the computer updated. It was late at night in a very remote area. Just happened I changed the oil in the car. when i pulled the car to the shoulder turned the car off and back on the problem continued. The car stopped in the middle of the road. Once I did that no problems for like 2 months, then the same thing would happen. As you can see above, there are many different reasons that your Fusion could be stalling. began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. The O2 sensor reads only 0.1 to 0.9 volts. Has anyone replaced the Mechatronic Unit in the Ford 2006 Freestyle? Average repair cost is $1,000 at 42,850 miles. We turned around and headed home. You may an ignition system problem (weak spark), could be a Ignition coil problem or sensor problem. This Is My Daughter's Car. This July we had our first experience with the "wrench" light, and the engine stopped responding. Is it worth it to sink good money into bad?? the engine remains at idle with fluctuations from 800-1200 rpms. Simplifying the It is really not too difficult. I suddenly lost all power and the car would not accelerate. Engine idling good runs. It is okay to drive it until you can set up an appointment for any Ford dealer to scan the car for fault codes and fix it under warranty. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. ewmail15 Posts: 4 Joined: Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:22 pm Vehicle: 09 Fusion SE 2.5L. The engine was making a loud noise and then the engine light came on. Chuck Finn. So I’m driving down the interstate going about 75, I have no noticeable issues and I just glance down and I notice my wrench light is on. I turned off the engine and restarted it, then drove home with everything back to normal. The 2010 Ford Fusion has 55 problems reported for sudden deceleration, loss of power. The Ford Fusion requires power to operate everything from the lights to the brakes. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority. 2010 Ford Fusion Wrench Light 3 Answers. had to cross multiple lanes and was almost ran into by three cars going a lot faster than me while i was listing to the emergency lane. When the wrench light comes on the vehicle may go automatically into limp mode, which limits the capabilities of the engine and transmission in order to reduce mechanical stress on the possible failing components. We Had The Throttle Body Replace But The Car Still Doing The Same Thing. The Car Will Cuts Off While She Is...,,,,, 2011 ford fusion-while driving on the interstate at 70 mph, vehicle suddenly lost acceleration, tachometer started going up and down, traction light came on,fuel gage going up and down, a lock light was illuminated, bells were going off and car began to de-accelerate. The wrench light indicates something is wrong with your power train. 2006 Ford Fusion lack of acceleration. Thankyou in advance! This started after I changed the battery when we did that the anti theft sistem turned on and didnt recognized the key.I took it to the ford specialists they got the key to work but after that everytime I pushed the break pedal the onboard computer was giving a beep and showed, engine failure, but that eventually went away. 2011 ford fusion sel suddenly loses all power and wrench icon illuminates and no acceleration happens at all. SOURCE: brand new 2010 ford fusion day bought wrench light. What do you think? As vehicles speed past, a quick decision is made to try to try to pull over to the shoulder or center divide. It can really help narrow down what you need to do. I have a 2016 Ford Fusion SE. 2011 Ford Fusion Wrench Light Turned on, Restarted the car and It Turned OFF? The accelerator pedal had no effect; I couldn't accelerate to climb even the slightest of hills. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our … 5 Answers. Average repair cost is $380 at 77,700 miles. Preety weird huh? 2006 ford fusion "wrench" light The wife is on the way to work this morning, running cruise, shuts cruise off, and the "wrench" light comes on, and the car loses power, not ALL power, just SOME power, so I told her to pull over, shut it off, and look at the owners manual to see what that light meant, as I was afraid it meant it lost oil pressure, and I didn't want her to blow it up. (Page 1 of 3) The 2006 ford fusion wrench indicator light means you have a concern in the fly by wire throttle actuation. the most common problem is the throttle position sensor on the throttle body is bad. No other codes. When accelerating it makes a scraping/flapping noise sometimes. Starving the car of fuel and miss firing every cylinder. Does that mean Everything is OK? Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the Fusion. Tried Jumpstarting, Lights Are Working Fine. The wrench light will come on due to low voltage in your system, low boost, abnormal temperature … Can drive for about a half an hour with normal capability And then problem returns. does not research or authenticate any of the Answers provided. I took the car to my local mechanic, who found no codes, which I have also learned is all too common. There is a hesitation when the wrench light comes on the dash. Hi all. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. We have tons of people come in everyday that just want to know what the light is on for. I have since learned this is a very common issue. After I pulled off the street I noticed the "Wrench" symbol was being displayed. No effect on a hot engine. I restarted the car and found it to be in a normal state again, with no wrench light visible. The car would barely move because the O2 was stuck rich and the fuel trim was something like -100% so it was taking fuel away from the engine because it was seeing a full rich system and being fooled. (Merged). if you see the wrench light on your ford fusion it's simply a "check engine" light meaning there is a fault code stored by the car's onboard computer. Called the service manager of our local Ford dealer Tuesday morning and he said to bring 'er in, which I did. Post your question and let the Vehicle History user community help you out with the right answer. Cleaned the throttle again and it ran good for like 3 weeks. I was driving my 2016 Ford Fusion on the highway going approximately 70-75 mph. Are reviews modified or monitored before being published? Just loss of power an sputtering every now and then. Once I did that the wrench light went on and I lost power. So not even a full volt. A precarious situation no doubt. How is the idle of the vehicle, just sitting still, will it stay running on its own or do you have to keep your foot on the gas pedal? The driver may have escaped with their life, but they are not out of harm’s way as they are now stranded. Have very little acceleration and top speed of about 15 mph. It does not blink or go off at all. Lv 7. Relevance. The wrench light in the Ford F-Series trucks is very similar to a check engine light. Told him to check all grounding connections on the motor and chassis, clean the battery terminals and reconnect the ground. On a new car, many dealers are willing to send someone to your work or home to swap cars with you so they can … 169 Answers ; SOURCE: What does the wrench light mean when it comes on. Ford Fusion owners have reported 7 problems related to throttle control warning light on (under the vehicle speed control category). Hi there - the "wrench light, which allegedly indicates a variety of problems with the drivetrain, is a huge source of frustration on the part of Ford owners such as yourself.It is not well understood, or trained for, by many Ford techs themselves. Loss of power and sputtering. You may want to change that sensor and erase the codes and go for a good long ride, but it will take a little while for the ECM to relearn the new sensor. My ford fusion has an ugly weird problem: everything works allright untill the engine gets hot, once it gets hot it looses power and I have to pull over wait 30 minutes to cool down then it works again. O2 sen. Bank 1 sensor 2. 2006 - 2012 Fusion (First Generation) If you shop at (for anything), use this link to support! Might want to try checking the vehicle speed sensor-start here. Any time I start the car the engine light is on. Ford fusion wrench light, but no OBD-II code 1 Answer. A driver in a Ford Escape is on the freeway when suddenly the engine loses power, a wrench light turns on and the accelerator turns off. Is the check engine light on? (But then is gone next time I start the car.) By Federal Safety Standards, a red light means immediate service is required, a yellow light means service is required, but nothing is unsafe. Ford personnel and/or dealership personnel cannot modify or remove reviews. Have very little acceleration and top speed of about 15 mph. My 07 Ford Fusion Has Began Making A Terrible Breaking/grinding Noise When I Put It In Reverse And Rolled Back After A Few Feet. That's a bit overkill. The Questions and Answers on this page are the statements and opinions of their respective authors and not Answer Save. The owner's manual is going to tell you that the wrench light is simply a "check engine" light meaning there is a fault code stored by the car's onboard computer.

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