Balouve Mines is a dungeon in the Leide region in Final Fantasy XV.It is a multi-tiered mine where the player can take an elevator to travel between its four levels. Guide. The rest of the opponents are all level 7 and easy to kill. These endgame raids are only accessible after finishing the story. Balouve Mines (Menace) is a Level 78 Menace Dungeon locked behind the vault in Balouve Mines. There's like a level 52 samurai kinda enemy guarding the tomb so be careful ... FFXV is a technical masterpiece, and it deserves more credit than it currently does. - In this dungeon there is only a strong level 50 enemy. Join me as a dig deep into the Balouve Mines and clear all the rooms. Locked Doors – Final Fantasy XV You may have noticed while exploring certain dungeons in Final Fantasy XV that there are these odd metal doors with a large circle on them. You have to go three times with an elevator and at the end activate a hidden mechanism in the wall to get to the royal tomb. It is on the way to Galdin Quay from the rest of Leide, and there is a parking spot outside the mines.. To open them you need to have beaten the game and have cleared the following dungeons:-Crestholm Channels-Balouve Mine-Costlemark Tower-Daurell Caverns How to unlock and open FF15's sealed dungeon doors. There are several of these and they are separate from the normal dungeon clear. This dungeon has the great sword Apocalypse and the magnificent gun Death Penalty. At the end of some dungeons in Final Fantasy XV you may have noticed locked vault doors.. Past the door is a post game dungeon. Nearly all of the dungeons in Final Fantasy XV feature mysterious locked doors that remain locked throughout the entire story. There are … This guide will tell you how to unlock the special doors hidden inside Final Fantasy XV dungeons so you can open some of … Despite that, this dungeon is a good bit easier than Crestholm Channels, despite it only having a recommended level of 45, as every enemy in Balouve Mines aside from the boss is trivially weak. Once you do, you'll gain access to the open world of Lucis once again. Note: The quest “Balouve Mines” has a recommended level of 50 and while you may be questioning that as you explore the place, the reasoning is because the boss you fight at the end is that level. To unlock and open the sealed dungeon doors you'll have to complete the game. Keycatrich Trench – Level 50-60; Greyshire Glacial Grotto – Level 60-70; Fociaugh Hollow – Level 60-70; Daurell Caverns – Level 65-75; Balouve Mines – Level 75-85 Behind those doors are deeper levels of the dungeons with higher level enemies and better rewards. Balouve Mines (Lvl 50) - A mine with various ramifications and levels. Complete these four dungeons where locked vault doors are located: Balouve Mines (In the mine south of the Callaegh Steps map title) Costlemark Tower (The large circular structure in … ... You're eventually able to drop down from like a metal area and you drop down on the other side of that door that you're taking about. Goblins locked a gate Balouve mines. Before you make a start on this particular quest, you’re going to want to make your way to the Balouve Mines first and foremost, as there’s where you’re going to find the entrance to this secret dungeon. To enter the secret dungeon in the Balouve Mines, head down to B4F.From there, head to the open area in the north-west section of the floor where you fought the dungeon boss the first time.
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