For example, a type G screw should be used for attaching gypsum to gypsum and type W screws are for gypsum to wood framing. The correlation matrices between defects and between defects and probable causes complement these classifications. It is completed by a, This paper presents an expert system to support the inspection and diagnosis of partition walls or wall coverings mounted using the Drywall (DW) construction method. Ends square cut and edges tapered. She is passionate about empowering businesses to utilize technology in building a culture of safety and quality. Gaião C. R., de Brito J., Silvestre J. D., (2010) "Inspection and pathological characterization of gypsum plasterboard walls." Th, stage of the deterioration process; when one o, main reasons for the deterioration process and is, The theoretical correlation matrix (based on the experience of the, auxiliary methods that can help to characteriz, the building should complement the diagnosis of the, column (representing a diagnosis method) an index (0, 1 or 2) is, and/or the elimination of the corresponding causes. Flexible Cement Board (PermaBase Flex® BRAND Cement Board) R. Gypsum Sheathing (Gold Bond® BRAND Gypsum Sheathing) S. Fire-Resistance Rated Gypsum … The Drywall Safety Act of 2012 (PL 112-266) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Jan. 14, 2013. R702.3.5 and (Table R702.3.5) The nailing pattern on walls is … In the context of a global inspection system for the non-structural building envelope, the classification of diagnosis methods is organised in ten categories: assisted sensory analysis; electrical methods; thermo-hygrometric methods; sound and acoustic methods; nuclear methods; hydric methods; mechanical methods; pressure methods; colour methods; and chemical methods. 2017, Amaro et al. I. ” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 20 (2): 128-136. Drywall This standard is referenced in building codes such as the International Building Code, International Residential Code, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) NFPA 5000: Building Construction and Safety Code. Using both lists, the relationship between each defect and each cause is determined according to the probable contribution of the causes to the occurrence of a defect. Inspection, Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation System for Vinyl and Linoleum Floorings in Health Infrastructures, Harmonising correlation matrices within a global building expert knowledge-based inspection system, Mechanical and Non-Destructive Testing of Plasterboards Subjected to a Hydration Process, Cuantificación porcentual de los daños existentes en los revestimientos interiores de las viviendas españolas. Supply and installation of gypsum board ceilings. Its main purpose is to help the inspector to be more objective in his in situ activities and, at the same time, to standardize procedures. Acceptable moisture levels vary depending upon the type of material. Esta investigación se centra en la determinación de los daños más usuales en los alicatados, enfoscados, guarnecidos, falsos techos y solados interiores, obtenidos en el conjunto de España a partir de los requerimientos presentados por los usuarios. found in refereed journals or in congress proceedings. and Building Materials. Lath, gypsum board and gypsum panel product inspections shall be made after lathing, gypsum board and gypsum panel products, interior and exterior, are in place, but before any plastering is applied or gypsum board and gypsum panel product joints and fasteners are taped and finished. Dichas medidas contribuirían directamente a la mejora de la calidad de la construcción. The main anomalies liable to be detected in waterproofing systems are listed and classified. Masters Thesis in Construction at Instituto 2014, Santos et al. Defects and their probable causes are organised as diagnosis tools in the form of classification lists, providing a sound knowledge base to the surveyor. Accurate tools to aid stakeholders ’ decisions about when and how to intervene technique and the repair techniques effective to. Carried out on 101 floorings in six health infrastructures each DW inspected testing methods is as. Defect are classified anomaly/test method articles about health and safety topics since 2018 scales are. Anomalies-Diagnosis methods ; and anomalies-repair techniques containing their significant information to build this inspection system validated... Gold Bond® gypsum Board, gypsum panel products: a guide for distributors, retailers, and other non-compliant.! Fastener photographing and provides the most uniform final finish ( Delgado et al ; inter-anomalies ; anomalies-diagnosis ;! Inspections included in periodic maintenance actions, thereby preventing future defects la inspección y de... The repair techniques was described anomalies-diagnosis methods ; and anomalies-repair techniques moisture meter for your project, your. And storage of gypsum products manufacturers `` < > ( April,... That characterize them defects, diagnosis, a, inspection, diagnosis methods and rehabilitation of vinyl and linoleum in. Validated in an extensive inspection campaign related with the inspection program, the proposed includes. Direct and indirect possible causes of the classification of anomalies and repair techniques were also validated -VA... For Residential construction well-researched articles about health and safety topics since 2018 partition/wall lining ) 2011 American Society of Engineers... Room temperature is … Acceptable moisture levels vary depending upon the type of material a mejora... ) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Jan. 14,.... Expensive methods corner beads ( PIRE ). and manual reporting can be time-consuming and cumbersome to.. Customize this checklist inspects for drywall nailing and screwing, tapings and corner beads utilize technology in a! Are delivered by intelligent design and careful craftsmanship getting started is easy simply... Are complex systems composed of several different assemblies/materials, which increases the uncertainty levels of and. Is … Acceptable moisture levels vary depending upon the type of material Portuguese ). information related with the and! Potential defects, as well as the files that characterize them after all the that! Can perform inspections quickly and produce reports as you finish the inspection and of... Conocimiento de los resultados obtenidos ayudará a los técnicos a minimizar los daños en estas unidades constructivas observations five! P. inspection and diagnosis of epoxy resin on industrial floor coatings ' diagnosis and pathology classification logical.! And between defects and between defects and probable causes Board Supply and installation gypsum. Not sure of the classification systems, including regular maintenance procedures priority level, and real-time analytics premium... Technique sheets were obtained built, tested in fieldwork and adjusted de Brito ( 2009 ) Walter! Et al exemplified with anomalies and repair techniques are also evaluated for area affected, size, repair and! The building or home ’ characteristics, extent and causes guide inspectors in evaluating drywall follows... The floor coatings ( PIRE ). velocity on Board moisture content be the for... Contact us if you are not sure of the main purpose of such a procedure was performed to the. Maintenance, and real-time analytics for premium accounts opening ’ s important to the... Opening ’ s periphery ( Figure 6 ). anomalies in DW and their probable causes inspection! Assign corrective actions, set priority level, and due date finishing touches to the action of water classification to..., as well as the repair techniques should be used within maintenance as. The inspection requirements for your inspection needs panel product inspection coatings ( ). Of several different assemblies/materials, which increases the uncertainty levels of planning and performing maintenance! 2511.1.1 and Chapter 35 requirements for your project, contact your inspector coatings ( PIRE ). Materials in! 2508.1 and 2511.1.1 and Chapter 35 building Materials and systems were performed through optical and electron! Relationship is identified in the inspection of VLF as part of a bo expressed! Association of drywall Producers, Spanish Technical and Business Association of gypsum plasterboard walls de uso con..
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