SeaDream also has required social distancing on board the ship and, since Monday evening, mask-wearing. SeaDream Yacht Club said in a news release Thursday afternoon that "guests" had received "assumptive positive" results to preliminary rapid Covid tests, but did not specify the number who had done so. Handout photo of SeaDream's yachts. In a letter slipped under cabin doors late in the morning on Thursday, the vessel’s captain, Torbjorn Lund, told passengers the line was “working with the authorities on how we in a best possible way will move forward.” The SeaDream Yacht Club’s SeaDream 1 returned home to Barbados early last week after a passenger on board tested positive for coronavirus. There are even more cases of COVID-19 aboard that first cruise ship to venture into the Caribbean since March. Although SeaDream says it operated successfully earlier this year in Norway, the shipboard COVID-19 outbreak has renewed concerns over the safety of ocean travel during the pandemic. Passengers on SeaDream Yacht Club’s SeaDream I on Thursday remained quarantined in their cabins for a second day amidst a COVID scare.. "Multiple negative PCR … SeaDream Yacht Club is cancelling the rest of its 2020 cruises in the wake of a COVID-19 outbreak on board one of its ships last week. Jennifer Hassan. (2:25 p.m. EDT) -- SeaDream Yacht Club's SeaDream I has set out on the first transatlantic crossing of the COVID-19 era, traveling to Barbados … The first cruise ship to sail with passengers in the Caribbean since the coronavirus shutdown just had a report that one of its passengers tested positive for COVID-19. (Sea Dream Yacht Club) By Jennifer Hassan. SeaDream cancels cruises for 2020 following covid-19 outbreak on one of its ships. The goal was “to create a COVID-19 negative bubble” on the ship, SeaDream said in September when announcing 22 Caribbean cruises. SeaDream Yacht Club is canceling the rest of its 2020 cruises in the wake of a Covid-19 outbreak on board one of its ships last week. Every SeaDream 1 passenger had to test negative for COVID-19 several days in advance of boarding and again on the day of boarding. A third test for all passengers was scheduled to take place [Wednesday]. A COVID-19 scare is the last thing the cruise industry needs as it eases back into the Caribbean.
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